How To Remove Sweat Stains from a Leather Sofa

A leather sofa in your living room can make your home appear sophisticate and stylish. The problem with a leather sofa is that the stains are hard to remove from them. You cannot just use chemicals and scrub stains off since it can damage the leather. There is a proper way to remove sweat stains from a leather sofa. Follow the simple instructions that are listed below to learn how to do this.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need to remove sweat stains on your leather sofa are dishwashing liquid, warm water, a soft non-abrasive cloth, soft sponge and leather conditioner.
  • Clean the area. Inspect your leather sofa and determine the areas where there are sweat stains. Get a small container or basin and mix dishwashing liquid with the warm water. Make sure that all the dishwashing liquid has been dissolved in the water. Use the sponge and dip in into the soapy water. Squeeze out the sponge to remove excess water. Use the sponge to clean the sweat stains on the leather. Use a circular motion when cleaning the leather sofa. Do not scrub too hard since this can damage the leather.
  • Wipe off the soapy mixture. Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe off the area clean. You may still notice some sweat stains after cleaning with soap and water. These are the stains that you may not be able to remove with regular soap and water. For this, you need a special solution made for cleaning leather. You can proceed with the next step if there are still sweat stains.
  • Use leather conditioner. You can use commercial leather cleaners and conditioners to remove the sweat stain completely from the leather couch. You can purchase a range of leather care products from the website Apple Polishes. Follow the instructions on the bottle to learn how to use the leather cleaner and conditioner. The cleaner will remove any remaining sweat stains on the leather while the leather conditioner will protect the leather from future stains and give it a nice and polished look.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to remove sweat stains from your leather couch. It is important that you follow the instructions on the bottle of leather cleaners so that you do not damage your leather sofa. As soon as you find sweat stains on the leather, treat it immediately so that it will be easier to remove. If you let the stain sit on the leather for a long time, it might be difficult to remove or it might not be removed at all. Check out the website below for more leather care tips.

All About Leather – This is a website where you can find a guide on how to take care of leather, maintain it and clean it. There are care tips not only for leather furniture but also for clothing and leather accessories. Go to the ‘Leather Care’ section on the website for more information.


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