How To Remove Water from a Crawl Space

A crawl space is a type of basement where there is not much space to stand up on, thus the name. It can be used as storage for unused things and also for pipes and cables to run through. Since it is not frequently checked, mold and mildew form because of the conditions on the crawl space. Water cannot be prevented to come inside because it usually comes from underground. When your area is mostly wet, it can also contribute to your problem. Moisture is an unavoidable thing in crawl spaces. Water that has been in your crawl space for several days can become stinky and new mold and mildew will form, adding to the present mold situation in your crawl space. This article will show you how to remove water in your crawl space. Read on.

  • Prep the tools and materials that you will be using. You have to wear the proper attire because it will be a messy job. Wear boots so water will not wet your feet, and work gloves. A sump pump should be used in draining the water out of your crawl space. You can either rent or buy one. It would be wiser if you just buy a sump pump so you can readily use it whenever the crawl space has accumulated water again. Have an extension cord ready in case the pump’s wires do not reach the nearest socket.
  • Take the sump pump in the crawl space. Be careful in handling electric machines when there is water present. Electrocution is likely. Prior to taking it to the basement, check for exposed wires. Since it will be in contact with water, it is very important to do this. Use an electrical tape to wrap any exposed wire. The pump should also have a long drainage hose so that the water that will be pumped out will not be dumped near the area, else the water will just go back into the crawl space. If the hose is short, prepare a bucket where the water that is going to be pumped out will be put. You can just dump the water in the bucket far from the crawl space when you have finished.
  • Start pumping. You should get all the water in the crawl space. This job will take longer if there is a lot of water in it. Make sure to dump the pumped water away from the area to prevent it from seeping back into the crawl space.
  • Remove any remnants in the crawl space. If there are any dirt or dead insects, be sure to clean them up so that the area will not only be free of water, but clean as well. Let the crawl space dry. If you want to expedite the space’s drying process, you can use a fan heater.

Check your crawl space frequently to see if there is more water that have accumulated since you last got rid of it. Also, have it repaired for any damages to avoid complete ruin of your crawl space. Insects and rodents may inhabit your crawl space. If this is so, contact a pest control expert to get rid of them. Rodents can chew into the wirings that run through the crawl space and they will also deposit waste that will contribute to the stink of the place.


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