How To Rent Table Linens for a Wedding

Table linens have a lot of work come your wedding day. Hence, it is important that you do not make a mistake when renting pieces for your day. Though they are simple table components, your wise choices will make your wedding reception a total success. Read on and find out some tips to help you successfully rent table linens for your wedding:

  • Choose the best color of linens for your wedding. Your choice of linen must have a lot to do with the color theme of the occasion. However, do not forget to pick a color of linens that will make both the groom and the bride to stand out during the day. For instance, if you will pick white table linens, a white bridal gown can easily get lost in the occasion. Hence, it is a better decision to choose colors that fit the theme and act as a great background for the day.
  • Know where to rent the table linens. More often than not, your caterer will rent you out table linens in a wide variation of options. However, this is not always the most convenient and practical decision. Shop around for other stores that can rent you out good quality linens in a better rate. Compare services, collections, and prices so you can find the best source of linens for your very special day.
  • Make the necessary measurements of the tables to be used. Take note that there is no point renting out linens that will not work perfectly for your tables. Hence, measure the size of all the tables before finalizing the order. A good table linen must reach the floor of table once installed.
  • Inspect the table cloth selections of a store. When choosing a store, make sure that you pick one that handles their linens well enough. It is best to get table linens from a store that attends in cleaning and deodorizing each piece of their collection. This is not only true for the table linens but more especially for the napkins.
  • Consider the dishes when choosing for table linens to rent out. More often than not, your choice of color for the table linens can be affected by the dishes you will be serving during the wedding. If you intend to serve wine, beef, and the like to your guests, it is best to rent darker colored linens. Rent only light colored linens if you will only be offering white sauce, desserts, fish, and other light-colored dishes.
  • Check all of the linens when delivered. Make sure there is someone who will perform the task of checking every table linen that will be delivered. The linens must be checked for flaws such as tears or stains. List these details down and present it afterwards to the store. You can always use these details to get a good discount for the rental.

Table linens can be very simple wedding essentials only. However, if you do not rent the right linens out, you can find the wedding reception in a lot of trouble. Therefore, as much as possible, attend to this kind of decision personally for your wedding. Or, if you are too busy for this task, ask a trusted friend or family member to do it for you.


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