How To Rent Wedding Decorations

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life for sure. Hence, it is just proper to make every possible way to make this day a totally successful and memorable one through wedding decorations. However, the hunting process for the best and perfect wedding decorations can be very much time consuming and expensive. But with renting them out, you can save a lot of your precious time and money for your wedding preparations. To help you rent decorations such as table linens, flowers, centerpieces, and the like, be guided by these steps:

  • List down all the decorations you need for the day. When writing down the needed decorations, make sure you list them in details. As much as possible, include the styles you prefer and also the colors that will match your wedding theme. Include literally all that you need such as chairs, tables, linens, and the like.
  • Find party rental companies where you can rent the decorations. Call family and friends for a recommendation of party rental companies. Make sure that they have firsthand experiences when it comes to renting out decorations for a wedding or other similar events. In the event that you have hired a wedding consultant, you do not have to pay more attention about finding rental companies as your consultant knows which company will offer the best decorations for you based on your needs and preferences.
  • Visit the venue of the wedding to make the necessary evaluations. If the wedding reception is other than your home, you need to check with the management and ask for pictures on how the space has been decorated for wedding purposes. You can also ask them for wedding decoration rentals as most of wedding venues today offer decoration rental as part of the package or at an extra cost.
  • Visit rental companies and check out your options. Before choosing a rental company, it is important that you have visited two or more companies so you can personally see your list of selections. You can also discuss with the company your needs and see what kind of decoration ideas and items that they can offer to you. Also, do not forget to get a price quote for all the decorations that you intend to rent out for the wedding day.
  • Consider saving money by exploring options. Check out from the rental company to see whether you can pick and return the decoration pieces yourself. This way, you do not have to pay for the delivery and return fees. Also, it is a good idea to get decoration items that are easy to assemble so you do not have to hire the company to assemble them for you.
  • Pay for the deposit of the rental of the wedding decorations. Deposits are usually paid as a form of security in the part of the rental company. The deposit will then be refunded fully if you have returned the items in the condition that they have sent them to you. At times, the deposit cannot anymore be refunded if you return the decorations late.

The wedding decorations can make or break your very special day. Hence, if you do not want this day to be a total failure, learn how to rent the proper decorations for your wedding. Do not make the mistake of dealing with the wrong company and choosing the wrong decorations for your wedding day.


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