How To Repair a Chimney Crown

A chimney crown is more than just an accessory that adds charm to a house – it is an important part that needs to be taken care of for it to do its job. The chimney crown is important because any damage or problem in it can affect the other parts of the chimney. Before you can start any repairs though, you must first assess the situation and the extent of what needs to be done.

If the chimney crown is easily accessible, you can go ahead and check it out. If you cannot access the chimney crown, then already this is a sign that you must seek help. If the chimney crown is too high or for some reason you cannot access it, hire a specialist who has the tools and knowledge to deal with it. Do not force going about repairs on your own if it poses a problem that might lead to accidents. Chimney crowns that are high as 30 feet are better left to professionals.

Next you have to find out what is the chimney repair needed, and to what extent. If the chimney crown has a crack, then you might be able to do it easily. You just need a sledgehammer, a chisel, and a brick hammer. The sizes of the tools depend on the size of the chimney crown and the work needed.

For a cracked chimney crown, what you need to do is to remove the damaged chimney crown. You can chip away the chimney crown with your tools. When you are done with this, inspect the chimney flue liner. When you look inside a chimney you will see a ceramic insert that runs at the center – this is called the chimney flue. If you find the chimney flue cracked, then you have to call a specialist or a professional because that is a different serious matter. If the chimney flue is intact, that means that the crack is limited to the chimney crown.

Thoroughly clean the chimney crown of dirt, dust and debris. Only when you have cleaned the parts will you be able to really make the repairs that you need to do. This is sort of priming the chimney for the next step, which is replacing the chimney crown.

Since you no longer have a chimney crown, it is time to make a new one up. Mix some concrete. You can choose the brand that you like; the important thing is to make sure that the concrete will not be runny to make the repair nice and clean. You can always opt to use ready concrete mixes.

Time to make a new chimney crown. Make sure that you set your concrete away from the chimney flue. Remember that a thicker, more compact chimney crown is also stronger and sturdier. Pour the concrete 5-7 inches thick and slope it to a 2 inches edge. Smooth the concrete after for a nice finish. Now you have a new chimney crown that is stronger and better.


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