How To Repair a Chipped Glass Rim

Everyone has a favorite glass, and for some others they have a favorite set of glasses. Especially for couples that have received lovely set glasses as gifts, it can really be disheartening when a precious glass gets a chip on the rim. But do not worry that much because at least it is just the rim that has a problem, and the glass has not broken.

A glass with a chipped rim can be repaired generally in two ways: one is to glue together the pieces, and the alternative (if in case the pieces are no longer available) is to sand the glass rim evenly.

If you want to repair a chipped glass rim, assess the situation first. Do you have the pieces? Or do you need to sand the rim? If you have to sand the rim, consider going to a professional, or if you want you can try to do the polishing at your home.

  • For chipped glass rim with parts:

    First you have to make sure that there is no insulating seal though. If it has, then you might have to buy a new glass.

    If the glass gets chipped, look for the parts that are needed to make it whole again. You just have to get super glue or an epoxy to put back the missing part. Make sure to let the glue sit overnight to make sure that the parts will be enjoined.

  • For chipped glass rim with missing parts:

    There are many ways to sand a chipped rim. You can choose to use toothpaste, baking soda, or a wet sand paper or steel wool.

    • Using toothpaste. Use white toothpaste and not gel-based type toothpaste – the more abrasive toothpaste, the better. Wear protective gloves before you start smoothing the glass rim. Dip a cloth in toothpaste and start sanding the rim. This will take some time before
      you see the edges of the chip smoothened, but just keep going at it. If you want, you can smooth the rest of the rim and not just the chipped area.
    • Using baking soda. Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a small bowl and add water while stirring until you get a thick paste. Dip a damp cloth to the paste. Wear protective gloves before you start smoothing the glass rim. Wipe the rim with the cloth continuously to
      smoothen the hard edges.
    • Using sand paper of steel wool. Get super fine grade steel wool or super fine grade sand paper. Wear protective gloves before you start smoothing the glass rim. Wet the sand paper or the steel wool before wiping the rim with it. Be careful though, as the sand paper and steel wool can leave scratches on the glass. If there are scratches, you can use jeweler’s rouge and polish it back to a shine.

If after all these you still find that the glass needs repair, you can take it to a professional glass restorer. They will sand the rim to make it even again, but the glass might be shorter.


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