How To Repair Cat Scratches on Leather

One of the fallbacks to owning and taking care of a pet cat lies in the fact that cats love to scratch certain materials. It is not the cat’s fault as he is designed and built with those instincts hence; you cannot blame him for that. The only thing you can do is live with it and try to repair whatever his nails damage. Unfortunately, your precious leather upholstered sofa will probably be one of the items that he will find appealing to scratch. Well, there really is nothing you can do about it except repair the damage. Not to worry, though. The process of repairing damaged leather due to cat scratches is not that difficult to do. In fact, the process is somewhat idiot proof provided that you know what to do and have the materials to complete the task.

  • Clean the area. In almost every kind of repair job, prepping the area of the damage is usually the first step. This includes cleaning the particular damaged area. Well, it is no different with leather damage. You will want the entire section where the damage is located totally clean and free from other unwanted particles and elements such as cat hair, dust, and the like. Now, since you really can’t use water on leather, you will definitely require commercial leather cleaners to aid you. Make sure to get one that is highly recommended and promises that when applied, the color and vibrancy of the leather will not fade. Yes, it is a good idea to test the product out in a small area to see its effect first before proceeding to the larger areas of the leather surface. Now, the reason you will need a clean surface is because you will be applying adhesive on the leather later on. Only a clean surface will ensure proper and optimal adhesion.
  • Pin the flaps. If the scratches are deep enough, you should see some tags or flaps sticking out. If that is the case with your sofa, then you will have to put these tags or flaps back in place. Simply push them back in with your finger and pin them in place. Make sure to do it in a way where it will not seem too unsightly and visible.
  • Make the scratches magically disappear. Now that the tags are back in place, you will only be able to really see the scratches left behind. No problem. All you need now is leather dye, one that has the same color and shade of the leather surface. Apply a light layer of the dye on the scratches and air-dry it with a hair dryer. Repeat the process for the other scratches. If the scratches don’t disappear on your first run, clean the scratched surface again and reapply.

When you have magically concealed the scratches, apply a light layer of leather protectant. This will keep the leather smooth, shiny, and supple. It will also ward off light scratches. Make sure to let the protectant sit and completely dry for an entire day before opening the sofa to the sitting public.


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