How To Repair Holes in a Concrete Slab Floor

Concrete slab floors are common to see in buildings and houses. It is commonly used as the base material for finished floors such as tiles and other floor materials. In other cases, some parts of the house would look better on a concrete slab floor alone. However, a concrete slab floor would sometimes develop holes and cracks that need to be repaired immediately. If you yourself notice some early signs of disrepair to your concrete slab floor, it’s a good idea that you act upon them early on to prevent more extensive damage.

  • Prepare the things you need. Go to the local homebuilders suppliers to purchase those materials. You will need cement, water, bucket, latex cement, putty knife, wire brush, concrete sealer, paint, bonding adhesive and trowel.
  • Clean the area. The first thing you can do is to wash the area that you are going to repair. It is very important that the concrete slab floor is free from any dirt because it may weaken the process of bonding the fresh cement to the existing one. Scrub every area of the concrete slab focusing on every small hole where dirt might have been stuck. Use a small cleaning brush as well to get to as much of the holes as possible.
  • Wash the floor thoroughly. You may use detergent to remove grease stains on the floor so the fresh cement will bond properly in to it. There might also be some unwanted elements stuck to the floor that would not be good once you apply the cement. That is why washing it with the detergent soap would be necessary. Then wash it with water once you are done. Sweep excess water and allow it to dry well especially the holes.
  • Apply the adhesive. Once the floor is already clean and dry, you can start applying the adhesive. Using bonding adhesive will help secure the combination of materials that will be applied in it. Apply the bonding adhesive in every hole. Fill the hole unto the surface. Use your paintbrush to fill all of them.
  • Use cement mixtures. Start mixing the latex cement mixtures, carefully following manufacturer’s instructions. Mix them thoroughly, making a thick paste texture. Use at least two cans of latex cement mixtures. Make sure that you incorporate them properly for a good result.
  • Apply the cement. Once your mixture is ready, you can now apply them on each hole of the concrete slab. Apply the latex cement mixtures on the surface using the trowel. Allow the cement to dry then start applying again for another layer. Do the same process until you fully covered the holes. Use the trowel for a smooth finish. You must create a ¼ inch layer in it all in all. Wait for it to dry and you may apply the concrete sealer for durability.
  • Paint the surface. Allow the entire surface of the concrete slab to dry thoroughly where you applied the latex cement. Then you may paint them once it dries already. Painting the concrete slab floor will give a better protection for it.

Giving effort and attention to your house repair is a wise decision for homeowners and building owners too. And this definitely includes caring for your floors, as well! Good luck, and hope this helped!


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