How To Repel Chickens

Do you have chickens running around your home garden? They are definitely wonderful. Since they feed on slugs and bugs, you worry less about your vegetables and flowers. But despite their apparent usefulness, you should also watch out for them. They can easily wreak major havoc. Alert yourself once they start digging hollows and taking dirt baths. Those activities are certainly going to harm your vegetables and flowers.

So, if you are thinking of ways on how you can repel chickens out of your home garden, here are some practical tips to consider:

  • Put a fence around your home garden. This is the simplest and the most practical solution out there. By putting up a fence, you can readily protect your home garden from those chickens. Of course, it is always best to rely on chicken wire. Aside from being sturdy, they are, literally, pardon the play on words, meant and designed for chickens – either to shelter them or to keep them out. Think about how you can out up the fence well. Keep it pretty so you can maintain the attractiveness of your home garden.
  • Protect the base of your plants. This is a good alternative if fencing your home garden doesn’t appeal to you. Again, you can use some chicken wire. You can put them on the ground so you can cover the base of your plants. The chickens are going to be frustrated when they feel the chicken wire. Expect them to automatically avoid the spot that you covered.
  • Put some river rock gravel around your plants. This takes inspiration from the second suggestion mentioned above. If there are some river rock gravel on the soil, chickens may find it more difficult and inconvenient to dig. Again, that should allow you to drive them out of the area. By the way, river rock gravel is a good alternative for mulch.
  • Set up a sprinkler system. This may involve some costs but it can serve two purposes. By the way, install a sprinkler system that is motion activated. If those chickens come a bit closer to your prized vegetables or flowers, the sprinkler system is going to automatically work. The shower is going to surprise and drive them away. Since chickens hate getting wet, it is quite easy to teach them to keep away from that specific area.
  • Plan the spacing in your home garden. Consider planting your vegetables and flowers close together. Get rid of the opens spaces. By doing that, you basically frustrate those chickens. You leave them no space to scratch or to dig. When that happens, they are going to be less interested to pester your plants.

If the above suggestions are futile, you still have your last resort. You can just build an enclosed pen and put those chickens there. Or, you may want to get a chicken tractor. It is a small pen. Since it is portable, you can conveniently position it around your home garden. That gives you full control. You can simply decide where you want those chickens to stay. That should give you your peace of mind.


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