How To Replace a Belt on a GE Dryer

Your dryer works with a rotating belt. If the belt is not working properly, you may not be able to use your dryer or you may hear noises coming from the dryer. You have to replace the belt before you can use the dryer or else you may damage the dryer itself. Replacing the belt on a GE dryer is not as hard as you think. All you need are the right materials and some instructions on how to do the job the correct way. Find out how to replace a belt on a GE dryer with these easy steps.

  • Preparations. Make sure that the dryer is dry inside before you start working. Check to see that the dryer is unplugged from the electrical socket. This will avoid any electrical shocks while you are working on the dryer.
  • Remove the components. Lift up the door of the dryer. Check to see what is holding the door in place. There are usually screws that mount the door. Use a screwdriver to remove the door of the dryer so that you can work without any obstructions. Place the screws in a small container so that you do not lose them. The next component to remove is the front cover of the dryer. This part is also mounted with screws. Remove the screws to detach the front cover from the dryer’s body. The last component to remove is the bottom panel. Like the other 2 parts, remove the panel with the screwdriver and set aside the screws. Now that the inner part of the dryer is exposed, you will see the pulley mechanism that holds the belt in place.
  • Remove the belt. Before you remove the belt, make sure that you know how it is placed on the pulleys. You might need the manufacturer’s manual for this. If you have lost the manual, you can use pen and paper to draw how the belt is placed so that you can use it as a guide later on when you replace the belt. Remove the belt by simply releasing it from the pulleys.
  • Replace the belt. Get the new belt and string it on the pulleys according to your diagram. The rough surface of the belt should be facing the drum.
  • Return all components. After stringing the new belt, you can return all the components that you have removed. Make sure that they are all secured on tightly with the screws.
  • Test the dryer. Now you can test the dryer. If you have installed it correctly, you should be able to dry your clothes without hearing any noise while the dryer is working.

Now you know how to replace a belt on a GE dryer. It is always helpful to consult the manufacturer’s manual of the dryer since there may be a section there for troubleshooting. You can do the simple repairs on your dryer by yourself instead of calling a professional to do the repairs for you. Think of the amount of money you can save by doing this.


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