How To Replace a Doorbell Chime Box

Is your doorbell broken beyond repair? Are you tired of the sound that it makes whenever someone rings it? Don’t fret. Replacing an old doorbell unit is a quick and easy project that you can do without the need to hire an electrician. All you need are a few simple tools and a couple of hours and your house guests will be ringing in their presence with a brand new sound.

  • Prepare the tools and equipment that you are going to use for the project. You will need a circuit tester, a set of screw drivers, a roll of masking tape, and the new doorbell chime box. You can buy a new chime box separately or you can opt to purchase a brand new doorbell system, including the doorbell switch. Make sure that you check the replacement chime box at the store so you won’t have to go back in case it turns out to be defective.
  • Cut off the power supply of your doorbell. To avoid any incidence of electrocution, make sure that no electricity is running in any wires that you would be touching. At the central breaker panel, switch off the doorbell’s circuit breaker. If you have a fuse box, make sure that you remove the corresponding fuses as well. Stick a note on the panel warning others from turning the electricity on.
  • Take off the cover of the old chime box. Doorbell cover plates either have snaps at the sides or are attached to the rest of the unit with screws. Make sure that you check how your old chime box is attached before attempting to pull it off the wall. Once the cover has been removed, bring out your circuit tester and check all the wires for any power. Once you are sure that the electricity has been correctly shut off, begin marking the wires using the masking tape. Labeling will help you when it is time to connect the wires to the corresponding terminals of your new chime box. Use labels such as “doorbell top,” “doorbell bottom,” “power supply rear,” etc. Two of the wires will be connected to the doorbell switch and the rest will be connected to your power supply. Use your screwdriver to detach each wire from the old terminals. Secure the wires to the wall using masking tape. This will prevent the wires from getting pulled back into the holes in the wall. Remove the screws used to mount the old chime box onto the wall.
  • Install the replacement chime box unit. Pass the wires through the chime unit’s base and mount it using the screws that came with the kit. Attach and secure the wires to the terminals of the replacement chime unit. Make sure that you check the labels and connect the wires accordingly. Fasten the new chime box’s cover plate before turning the power back on.

Now that you have already installed your new chime box, it is time to test if it is working. Push the doorbell button and have somebody listen for the chimes. If the newly-installed doorbell chime box doesn’t work, cut the power off and check if you have reconnected all the wires correctly and whether all of them are attached tightly to the terminals. Inspect the doorbell button as well as this could be the part that might need replacing. If the doorbell still remains silent, call an electrician and have him check the internal wirings.


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