How To Replace a Handle-Style Shower Faucet

Shower faucets that are hand-style are preferred by more and more people lately. It provides flexibility for the user because you can use it the same way as a shower with a fixed head, or you can hold it to target hard to reach places. A lot of handle-style shower heads provide you with different shower settings. You can adjust the water flow to a strong, jet-style flow, or to a gentle, rain-like pour. You can find many designs of hand-style showers in the market and you can install these instantly. However, prolonged and frequent use could lead to the wear and tear of the shower faucets. If your hand-held shower is suddenly malfunctioning, you can replace it easily. Simply follow the steps below so you can easily replace your hand-held shower head.

  • Evaluate the old shower head. Before you proceed with replacing your shower, make sure that it is really damaged beyond repair. Sometimes, you may just need to replace some parts and the shower will work excellently again. Make sure that this is the case with the shower, and you may even save a couple of bucks simply by replacing some parts.
  • Remove the old shower. Once you are sure that the shower cannot be repaired anymore, you can now begin to remove the hand-held shower head from the shower main line. What you need to do is find the spout pipe of the shower and to rotate the shower head clockwise. This will easily detach your old shower head from the main shower line.
  • Open the pack of the new shower head you purchased. Check the parts and see if they are all in order. Look through the pack and see if there is a manual inserted into it. Read the manual in case there are special instructions on how to install the shower head.
  • Find the rubber washer included in the pack. Once you find the rubber washer, you can now install this inside the top of the faucet. This is connected to the main shower spout pipe. Simply place this rubber washer inside the tip, and it will fit nicely inside it.
  • Clean the shower spout. Before you attach the new hand-held shower head, make sure that the shower spout you are attaching it to is clean and free from any particles that might block the proper flow of water, or may hinder you from properly installing the showerhead. Check to see if there is any debris within the threads of the spout. Clean the threads with an old toothbrush and some soap.
  • Wrap the threads with Teflon tape. Wrapping the shower spout with this kind of tape will minimize the risk of leaks when you attach the new shower head. Once done, you can now install the new shower head, by twisting it firmly on the shower spout pipe.

Once you have installed the new shower head, check to see if the water is flowing properly and there are no leaks. See that the water is flowing freely and that it is clean.


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