How To Replace a Shallow Well Pump

You sure have a shallow well pump if the water is within 26 feet of the surface. This pump works the same way as other water pumps. It produces pressure in the tank using electricity so that the water is pushed up and be delivered to the faucet. Most pumps, including the shallow well pumps, work for the longest time. Some would last for more than the common human lifespan. However, replacing the shallow well pump becomes necessary sometimes. It may be because the pump is just too old or it has suffered severe damage that cannot be fixed.

The best thing about replacing the shallow well pump is that you only have to remove the old one and install the new one. You can skip the digging and connecting of parts because these are already done. But it will still be helpful to read the step-by-step guide below to assess the job:

  • Turn off the electric power. The shallow well pump is powered by electricity. This is always connected to the pump and is only turned on when needed. Turn the power off and to be sure, disconnect the plug. It will be best to disconnect the pump’s electric power source from the main house breaker. You can never be too sure so it’s okay to be a bit paranoid about turning off the electric power.
  • Uninstall the old shallow well pump. Go to the well and locate the shallow well pump. This thing has ports for the inlet and outlet. Open these ports on the water pump by using plumbers wrench. Disconnect all the wirings connected to the old water pump. There are electrical wires that have to be unscrewed from the terminal. Set the old water pump aside and then clean the area for the new water pump. It’s always good to start with clean parts.
  • Install the new shallow well pump. Wrap the pipes first with tape on their threads. Make sure to wrap both the pipes for the inlet and outlet. Screw these pipes to the shallow water pump. Take note that the inlet pipe is the one connected to the well while the outlet pipe is the one connected to the house. Tighten the pipes so as they are well secured and attached to the water pump. Use the same plumbers wrench to finish the job.
  • Connect the wires that you disconnected a while ago. Make sure that the wires are hooked to the correct ports. This should be easy because of the color coding. For instance, black wires fit in the black ports, etc. Some wirings, especially the electrical wirings, need to be tightened using the screwdriver. Make sure that the open wires were secured by wrapping them with enough electrical tape.

Test the new shallow well pump. Connect the pump again to the electric power source. Test the new pump if it’s working well. Give it some minutes to work on its new environment. It should be providing water to the faucet after about 20 minutes. If not, check the shallow well pump’s manual and see if you have done everything correctly. Call a professional technician or the manufacturer for an after-market support, if necessary.


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