How To Replace a Wall Oven

A wall oven is a great solution if you want to conserve space in your kitchen. However, what should you do when you need to have it replaced? Here are the basic guidelines for replacing your wall oven:

  • Check your local building codes. Do know that in some places, only a licensed electrician could legally do this task.
  • Turn off the power. Do this by turning off the switch in the circuit breaker that corresponds to the power supply to the oven. Double-check to see that the oven is turned off. If you oven is connected to a gas source, turn this off as well. Take the time to fulfill this step: accidents could prove to be fatal!
  • Remove the wall oven door. Do this by removing the screws and hinges that attach the door to the main body of the oven. Use a power screwdriver to make this step easier for you.
  • Take away all the removable parts inside the oven. This will include the aluminum trays that could still be inside. Put them away.
  • Remove the mounting screws. These are the screws that secure the oven to the wall; these should be at the corners of the oven installation. Make sure that you remove all the screws holding the oven in place. You might also need to take away the trim pieces, or small rectangular aluminum pieces that serve to hide away the screws; use a flatbed screwdriver in order to remove these trim pieces.
  • Disconnect the wiring connecting the oven to the wall. Find the oven’s wire box, which is generally located either right beside the oven, or at the wall right behind it. You will have to use a screwdriver to unscrew the wire box and get to the wires within. In order to disconnect the wiring that joins the oven to the wire box, you will have to untwist the wire nuts (or small, plastic cone pieces) that hold them together.
  • Lift out the oven unit out of the space. You will be able to pry the oven unit free and lift it out once the oven is completely free from any attachment to the wall space (the wiring and the screws). When lifting out the oven, you will need additional help to do this, as the oven might be too heavy for one person.
  • Place the new wall oven in the empty space that the old wall oven used to occupy. Do be sure that they have the same size and dimensions so that the new wall oven will be able to fit properly inside.
  • Reconnect the wiring. The new wall oven should come with its own wires that you will connect to the electrical wire box. Rule of thumb: connect like-colored wires. Join these wires using the wire nuts that you untwisted a while ago.
  • Secure the new wall oven by installing the screws and nuts in the proper places.
  • Make sure that the wall oven is level with the rest of the wall’s surface. Attach the wall oven door, and turn the power back on. Check to see if your oven works properly.

Another word of caution: do know that this can be quite a dangerous project to undertake specially if you’re just new at do-it-yourself projects; this is because you will be dealing with electrical wiring and gas sources, and making mistakes could prove to be fatal. So if you’re not confident enough about undertaking this task, it might be better if you enlist the help of a professional electrician. Good luck!


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