How To Replace an Old Fluorescent Kitchen Light

Replacing a light is one of the easiest electrical jobs that an average home owner should know. This job is so easy in which hiring a professional electrician will only be a waste of money. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to replacing an old fluorescent kitchen light:

  • Ensure safety. Never start any electrical job without prioritizing your safety first. Turn off the old fluorescent light's power by accessing the circuit-breaker box. Use a circuit tester to make sure that the fluorescent light is already out of power. Wear a pair of rubber slipper and work gloves. Do not touch the wires as much as possible. Use the appropriate tools to touch the wires and other fluorescent light parts. Remove the diffuser panel or the lens panel from the fluorescent light.
  • Remove the old fluorescent light. Take out the bulbs or lamps by simply unscrewing them out. Remove also the ballast cover to give you access to the fluorescent light wires. Assess the wires and determine the hot wires. Take note also of how these wires are connected. You will need that when installing the replacement light. Remove the cap from the white and black wires. Test these with the circuit tester just to make sure that their power is turned off. Separate the wires so that they won’t touch with one another. Uninstall the fluorescent light fixture base from the ceiling. Then, set aside all the parts of old fluorescent kitchen light.
  • Prepare the new fluorescent light. Do this by first removing its ballast cover from the fixture base. Remove also the center knock-out, which is the part that provides access for the electrical wirings.
  • Install the new fixture base. Put the fixture base at your preferred position and mark its position on the ceiling. Mark also the points where you should drill the holes. Set the base aside and start drilling holes that are needed for fastening the fixture base. Wear a pair of safety glasses first before drilling holes to avoid accidents. Attach the fixture base using the screws or bolts that are included in the kit.
  • Connect the electrical wirings. Remember how the wires were connected to the old fluorescent light. Do the same also for the new light. It’s easy to connect the wires even if you don’t remember how they were connected. Simply match their colors to the colors of the wires that are attached to the light fixture. Therefore, connect the black wire to the black wire from the fixture and connect the white wire from the white wire of light fixture. Secure the connections by capping them using wire nuts. Connect the ground wire, or bare wire to the fixture base.
  • Install other parts of the new fluorescent light. Attach the ballast cover, the bulbs or lamps, and the fixture cover. The new fluorescent kitchen light is ready to provide a good lighting for the kitchen. But before that, turn on its power source first. Test the light and see how it glows.

You’ve done a good job by replacing the old fluorescent kitchen light. You may follow the same steps when replacing other fluorescent lights in your house. Just remember to always prioritize safety when working with electric-powered things. It will be a shame to risk your life just because you forgot to turn off the power before starting the job.


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