How To Replace an Outside Faucet

A water faucet is one of the most helpful components at home. However, this fact is reversed the moment there is damage in the faucet. More often than not, the faucet valve can be worn out and at times, it can be leaking seriously. If this happens, do not waste a minute or two. Make your way into replacing you water faucet so you can use it again the way it is supposed to be used. Check out these steps to help you go through the whole process:

  • Turn off the water supply completely. Find the water shutoff valve of the water system so you can turn off the water flow completely for this task. In most cases, you can find the shutoff valve in underground utility box, which is often located near the street. It is necessary that the water supply is cut off temporarily so you do not have to waste a lot of water all throughout the process.
  • Open the faucet valve subject for replacement. Open the valve so as to drain all the remaining water in the pipe. Keep in mind that it is very important that the pipe is empty when you do this task.
  • Position the crescent wrench in place. The crescent wrench must be placed on the pipe right below the faucet. This way, you can easily remove the faucet in place because you can also hold the pipe in place. Make sure that the crescent wrench is tightened around the pipe to make sure it will not turn around while you are holding it.
  • Remove the water faucet from the pipe. Get a pipe wrench and attach it to the faucet right next to the pipe. Then, turn the wrench counterclockwise while you are holding the crescent wrench in place. This will help you loosen the faucet from its place. Once the faucet is loosened, use your hands to turn the faucet so you can remove it completely from the pipe.
  • Clean the water pipe prior to attaching the new faucet. Get a stiff brush and use it to clean the water pipe's end and threads. This is necessary so you can get rid of corrosion or any rust that can make the replacement harder for you. Attach plumber’s tape right around the thread of the pipe.
  • Attach the new faucet to the cleaned pipe. Insert the new faucet to the pipe and turn it clockwise using your hand until such time that it is already tight. Use pipe wrench to continue tightening the faucet. This way, you can be certain that the faucet is really firmly placed in the pipe.
  • Test your work by turning on the water supply. Turn on the shutoff valve and open the new faucet valve. Let water flow through the faucet so you can evaluate your work. Do not forget to check for leaks around the connection of the pipe.

A damaged water faucet is truly a headache for you and your family. Hence, there is no point to keep yourself waiting for the plumber just so the problem can be solved. Make yourself busy the moment you learn about the situation. Now that you know how to properly replace a water faucet, you are always good to go in terms of solving faucet problems at home.


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