How To Replace Your Sliding Door Rollers

Are you experiencing difficulty in opening and closing your sliding door? If you are, it is time to replace your sliding door rollers. The sliding door rollers are the mechanisms located at the bottom of your sliding door’s sliding panel that are responsible for sliding your door on its track. Rust or natural wear and tear can prevent them from rolling easily. The only thing you can do to make your sliding door seem new again is to replace the rollers.

Hiring a professional to replace your sliding door rollers is costly. You can end up spending more than a hundred dollars just to have your rollers changed. If you want to cut this expense from your budget, opt to replace your rollers yourself using the guide below:

  • Prepare the materials. You need new rollers, screws, and a screwdriver for this activity. You can buy all of these materials in a home improvement or home depot store.
  • Although the task itself of replacing sliding door rollers is fairly easy, removing the stationary and sliding panel of your sliding door can be arduous. Because of this you may also want to enlist the help of a friend to aid you in lifting the panels off the track.
  • Remove the stationary and sliding panels. Most sliding doors have their stationary panels on the outside of the sliding door and their sliding panels on the inside. Because of this, you need to remove the stationary panel of the sliding door first so that you can access the sliding panel. To do this, unscrew the stationary panel from its place using a screwdriver. Remove the stationary panel from its track by lifting it up and out of the track. Make this task easier by using the screwdriver to lift the bottom of the stationary panel and having someone lift the panel out. Repeat the same steps with the sliding panel.
  • Replace the sliding door rollers. Look at the bottom part of your door frame. You should see the place where the door rollers are located. Remove the screws securing the old rollers and set them aside. Attach the new rollers into the frame and use the screws you’ve removed earlier to put the new rollers into place. Put the rollers all the way upwards so it wouldn’t be in the way when you install the panels back.
  • Put back the stationary and sliding panels. When you’re done putting on the new rollers, put the sliding panel back on its track. Make sure that you align the panel properly into the track or else you wouldn’t be able to slide the door properly. Do the same thing with the stationary panel. Don’t forget to return the screws into the panels to secure them in place.

Inspect the panel tracks for dirt and objects that can cause obstruction. Pick off these objects and use a rag to clean the grime off the tracks. By doing these things, your sliding door wouldn’t only be as good as new; it would also make your rollers last for a long time.


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