How To Respond to a Legal Demand Letter

A legal demand letter, also called LOD or Letter of Demand, is a letter usually written by a lawyer regarding monetary obligations that the recipient has allegedly failed to pay. This is the first step to take in settling legal cases like debt and bounced checks without having to go to the court. If you received a demand letter and you believed that there is a mistake because you did not do actions alleged in the letter, you can call the person who sent the letter to talk about the issue or you can write your response and send it back to that person.

Here are the steps on how to respond to a legal demand letter.

  • Tell what the letter is about. After the usual greeting to the person who sent the letter, follow this with a brief sentence stating what your letter is about. You can state that this is in response to the letter, which you received regarding the specific issue. This will immediately let the recipient know about the topic of your letter.
  • Summarize the wrong information. Briefly state the allegations stated on the letter which was sent to you and clearly state that these are incorrect. This is to let the recipient know that you do not agree with the allegation sent to you.
  • Give detailed explanations on each piece of wrong information. State an incorrect allegation and explain why you believe it’s inaccurate by giving the details which you really believe happened. Do this with all the allegations stated on the letter which you feel are incorrect. Restate the issues by saying these are the reasons why you believe that the allegations are not true.
  • List the wrong things that the complainant did to you. If you have any complaints about the person from the past, state this in your letter as well. However, make sure that you have some reasonable basis or proof so you can defend your claims. This is only applicable if the complainant really did something wrong. Do not make false accusations, as this will be bad for your case. If there were wrong actions taken against you, let them know that you are prepared to defend them.
  • Ask for a meeting. If you want to resolve this issue without having to go to court, you can ask the recipient of the letter to call you so you can talk about the issue properly or you can set a meeting in person for proper discussion. A personal meeting may be the best way because you can discuss things in detail.

If you’re still not comfortable in writing a reply to a demand letter by yourself or you need more information on the process, you may hire a lawyer to assist you. You will also need a lawyer when you have a meeting with the complainant and their lawyer. Whether you write your own response to the demand letter or you let a lawyer draft this for you, it’s important to send the response as soon as possible so the issue can get resolved quickly.


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