How To Respond to a Woman's Internet Dating Profile

In this modern times, it seems that everything can be done online like paying bills, shopping and making reservations. Even dating can be done online. With several dating sites on the Internet and still adding up like, and, you may be lucky enough to find your dream girl. You don’t have to travel or go to places as you can search people around the world online. Most dating sites are free so you can easily sign up by accessing their website and creating your profile. You need to make sure that your profile is interesting and that you upload your best pictures to get the attention of the women who registered on the site as well. Check the women’s profile and see which of them interests you. If a woman’s dating profile catches your attention and you would like to get to know her better, then you need to send her a message. If the woman is really beautiful and interesting, there will surely be other men who are sending her messages. Her mailbox might be full of mails coming from men trying to get her attention like you.

Here are the steps on how to respond to a woman’s Internet dating profile.

  • Use an eye catching subject line. Since this is the first line that she will be seeing, this should be something that is different from the others. Saying a simple “hello” or “hi” will sound lame. Also, saying, “you’re hot” or “I like you” does not give a strong effect. This is because that woman will surely being getting loads of those from men. First, make sure to use her first name. This is a way of making your message personalized. This is also a way of getting her attention, as a person will normally generate reaction when called by her name. Read her profile carefully and see her interests. You can use this on your subject line to instantly connect with her. Let’s say that she loves Mexican foods, you can write in your subject line that you also like Mexican foods or better yet say you love cooking Mexican foods. This will surely get her attention because if she loves these types of foods and you know how to cook these, she might get interested on how to cook these by herself and ask your help about it. If the woman is just around your area, she might even meet up with you and have a sample of your menu. Make sure that what you write is true and it’s not just to impress her because if she writes back or you decide to meet, you should be able to prove that what you wrote is true.
  • Keep the body of the message interesting. Tell her a bit more something about yourself and go on with your common interests. This will show her that you took time to read her profile and that you’re interested on her. Don’t forget to complement her but be careful not to make it sound rude. You can say that you think that her eyes or hair are beautiful but do not comment on how big her breasts are.
  • End the message. Once you’re done writing the body of the message, end this with something that will let the person know that you will be expecting for her response like “I’m looking forward to hear from you.”

This is the first step to get to know the woman you like on a dating site. If she responds to your message, keep the conversation lively and interesting and see where it leads you.


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