How To Revive an Old Mattress

The mattress on your bed must always be given special attention to since this is the area where our body is supposed to get its much needed rest each day. A mattress must be firm but comfortable, able to withstand weight and remain that way each time you go and lie on it. A defective mattress is a health risk, which could cause back problems. This is the reason why it must always be in the best of shape. A good quality mattress can last you many years provided that you treat it with care too. However, there may come a time when you begin to feel a slight discomfort when on it or wake up feeling un-rested after hours of sleep. This is when considering getting a new mattress becomes an option. Unfortunately, purchasing one can be quite costly and your budget may keep you from getting it immediately. This is where reviving the old one comes as a welcome solution.

  • Using plywood. As mentioned earlier, defective mattresses can give you problems with your back, specifically if they are sagging and deformed. One practical way of solving the problem is by getting a ¼ inch size plywood, measured to the size of your bed. Place this in the middle of the existing mattress and the bed’s box spring to firm up the mattress. This is a great alternative while you are waiting for the extra funds to be able to afford a brand new one.
  • Using a comforter. A comforter is another quick way of reviving your old mattress. Get one that is slightly smaller than the size of your bed and place it directly on top of your existing mattress before adding on the rest of your beddings on top of it. It is recommended that you use a white comforter, which will not be seen under the sheets.
  • Using Memory foam. Another cheaper option would be to visit a furniture store and look for memory foam. The price of the foam varies according to its depth. You will simply place this on top of your mattress and add in your bedding pieces over it. Your mattress will surely improve in some way with this method.
  • Using unused parts of the mattress. People tend to make use of a particular area of the bed more frequently than others. For this reason, that spot could develop some problems due to the frequency of use. Try flipping your mattress over and rearranging it so that you are now making use of other parts of it too. Since they are slightly used, they do not have the too often slept-on feeling and will be much firmer and nicer to lie on.

These steps to revive an old mattress can serve you well for a longer time but eventually, you may want to invest on a good one again. There is nothing worse than waking up feeling like you never even slept at all, and the problem could very well be your mattress. Make the most of the old one and save up for a new one which will give you another good number of years of being comfortable and very well-rested.


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