How To Rid Bruises or Hickeys with an Egg

Bruises and hickeys are not only uncomfortable, they also attract unwanted attention. Throughout the ages, people have found a lot of ways to treat these bothersome wounds. One way is by the use of eggs. If you have extra eggs in your kitchen, use them to get rid of your bruises or hickeys.

  • Check the bruise. Determine whether the bruise is serious or not. An egg helps remove only minor bruises. Find out if you have cuts, broken bones, and other injuries underneath your bruise. Go to the doctor if you suspect that you have further injury. When you’re sure that your bruise is only skin deep, proceed to the next steps.
  • Boil an egg. This is the traditional way to cure bruises or hickeys. Heat some water. When the water is boiling, put the egg in the water then wait for a few minutes until it becomes hard-boiled. Get the egg out, then let it cool off a bit but make sure it’s still warm.
  • Roll a warm egg over the bruise. Roll the warm egg (with or without the eggshell) unto the bruise until the egg becomes cool. Repeat this for at least 3 times a day. Heat and the rolling motion relieve pain and help improves blood circulation, which reduces blood clots in the bruise.
  • Use a cool egg. After two days, or if the bruise is not swollen, a cool egg helps improve the skin’s condition. Refrigerate an egg for a while. Take it out when the egg feels cool to the touch. Gently roll this egg over the bruise until the egg warms up. Do this 3 times a day or as desired.
  • Roll a raw egg. If you’re not comfortable with heat or cold, a raw egg does just fine. First, wash the egg. Then, roll the egg over the affected area to massage the blood clots away. Avoid crushing the egg.
  • Pour raw egg yolk. Egg yolk contains proteins and nutrients that help heal wounds. Break an uncooked egg and pour it over the bruise. Massage it unto the bruise until your skin absorbs the yolk. Make sure that you’re not allergic to egg yolk, because if you are, your bruise will swell all the more.
  • Use egg shells. If you find that rolling the egg over the bruise is painful, you may cover the bruise with eggshells instead. Place warm or cool eggshells over the bruise until it is covered completely. Tap the layer of eggshells gently so that the heat or coolness is transferred to the skin better.

A bruise or hickey usually goes away after 2 weeks. During this time, it may change from red, to bluish-black, to light brown, until it disappears. If it doesn’t go away after 2 weeks, or if it swells and feels painful, you may have a health condition that prevents your wounds from healing properly. Pay attention to the status of your bruise or hickey during the following days. Consult a doctor if your bruise or hickey stays longer than usual or becomes worse.


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