How To Romance a Libra Man

Libra men are said to be the most proficient lovers out there. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, many believe that Libra men know the intricate ways of love. Libra men are also known to be a ladies' man, as they are well-versed in the language of women. If you have found that Libra man of your dreams, and you wish to find your way into his heart, then the tips below might help you out.

  • Capture his heart from the start. Or rather, catch his eye. Libra men can decide quickly whether they want a woman or not. So your window of opportunity is about a few seconds upon meeting him. When you do get him to look at you, make sure that you make proper eye contact, stare him down with a long, alluring look, and you will definitely capture his attention. If you set out to catch his eye from the start, you will have a better chance at catching his heart.
  • Dish out the compliments. Of course, it's a different thing if you constantly suck up to him, because that would be really annoying. To please a Libra man, show him how much you appreciate him constantly. Frankly, a Libra man is extremely proud of himself, and he likes talking about himself. You should then work on this trait of his, and maximize it to get the results you want. Compliment him constantly but sincerely. If you spot something nice about him, tell him, and he will definitely appreciate it. Do not overdo it, or the Libra man will be turned off. Simply be frank and honest with the compliments and he will appreciate your interest in him.
  • Support his endeavors. Libra's will find it awesome that he has someone who supports him in his endeavors. He needs constant affirmation and support so he can feel confident in what he is doing. Be a friend to him, as well as a potential lover. Listen to his stories and give the appropriate commentary. Have meaningful conversations with him and he will appreciate your companionship.
  • Look good and have a good time. Dress up for him and share your interests with him. The Libra man wants more than just a pretty face for a partner. He needs to see that a woman is not only gorgeous, but is intelligent and classy as well. Don't scrimp on the luxuries. Enjoy an elegant dinner with him, share lovely conversations with him over good music. A Libra man has good taste, and if he sees how classy you are, then you will definitely hook him.
  • Show your intentions but don't be aggressive. Don't run around in circles if you plan to start something romantically with him. A Libra man wants a confident and straightforward girl. However, don't be too aggressive or you might put him off. Hold off on the aggression and just show him how confident you are. Retain an air of mystery around you and you will definitely have him at the palm of your hands.

If you are pursuing somebody, don't let the pursuit overpower everything else. Just let things run its course. Be yourself and be confident and any man will definitely appreciate it.


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