How To Score in Tennis

A game of tennis is comprised of points, sets, and games. There is an official scorer in tennis games. However, if you’re a fan or if you’re just starting out how to watch or play tennis, then it’s vital that you learn how to score a tennis game properly. Below are guides on how to score in tennis.

  • Understand the game of tennis. The simple explanation is a player needs four points for him to win a game. He needs to win six games so you he can win a set. And he needs to win two sets so he can win the match. The score from tennis is from love-15-30-40-game.
  • Be in the venue before the game. Preparation is important especially if you need to score an important game. If you’ll score sets or series of games, then get the whole schedule and keep it handy. If you’ll watch tennis games in your television set and you miss some games, just check the reruns of the games that you’ve missed.
  • Identify the player who serves in the game. Note that the score of the server will be first announced.
  • Determine the player who scores first. The player who misses the ball or hit it out of bounds or into the net is the player who loses a point. A server will lose point immediately if she double-faults or if he fails in his service in two straight attempts.
  • Be attentive. Focus because the score will be announced. The primary score is 15. The score of the player who won’t get a point is called “love”. If the leading scorer scores again, then his score will be 30 or 30-love, then 40 or 40-love if he scores again. His succeeding score will make him win the game. The game will be easier for you to follow as you watch or play tennis.
  • Remember that a tennis player will win if he gains a two point advantage. If the score of the game progresses to 40-all or 40-40, then a player needs to gain advantage by ad-40 or 40-ad. Then, he needs to score the succeeding point so he can win. If the winning player doesn’t score the succeeding point, then the score is back to 40-all.
  • Enjoy the game of tennis while scoring. You might get bored if you’re not into the sport. Note that there are singles and doubles game in tennis. The basic strokes in tennis are forehand, backhand, volley, lobs and drop shots, serve, topspin, slice and approach shot.

There are four major court classifications in tennis. They depend on the substance used for the surface of the court. The classifications are carpet courts, grass courts, hard courts, and clay courts. There is a different feel in each playing surface, which affects a player’s playing style.

Visit your school’s sports department if you want to learn tennis. If your school doesn’t have one, then try to find a tennis clinic in your locale. Playing tennis offers a lot of benefit; it will make you fitter and healthier. It will also develop your focus, which can help you in your studies or work. You can also practice tennis by yourself. However, it is recommended that you have someone to train it with you.


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