How To Search for Love without Looking Desperate

Many people love the feeling of being independent but at some point of their lives, they would feel the need to have somebody to love. This feeling is quite normal and natural and at this point, people are ready to say yes to love and are more willing to commit in a relationship.

But sometimes, committing can be a whole lot easier than finding love. Many people are ready for love yet for some, looking for that perfect someone isn’t that easy. If you have been ready for a commitment but haven’t found your other half then you might be feeling a bit desperate. And when you start to feel desperate, you might not be thinking things through the way you should, causing you to lose love more than actually finding it.

If you are ready for love and you want to find it without looking too desperate then here are some things you could do to find that love that you’re looking for.

  • Avoid looking or becoming needy or clingy. When you go out on your first few dates, make sure that you do not appear needy or clingy. It is absolutely understandable that if you feel like you have found love, you would want to hold on to it forever but nobody would want to feel like he or she is being suffocated to constrained by their partner by being to needy or clingy. Love is like a bird, when you hold it in your hands, you need to make sure that you hold it gently for it to breathe because when you clasp on it too tightly, it would suffocate and die.
  • Put yourself out there. Love will not magically knock on your door one day and find you. You need to get out there and mingle with the world for you to easily find love. Show the world how fun you can be but make sure to not settle for just anyone. You may feel scared of being alone or dying alone but that doesn’t give you enough reason to settle with the first person you meet. Make sure that you and your potential partner get along well and have chemistry to make the relationship last.
  • Take things slow. When you meet a person and you feel like there’s a connection, make sure to take control of yourself and take things slow. Do not jump right into sex. Allow the relationship to grow and develop before you take things to a more intimate and passionate level.
  • Try learning new things. Many say that love comes at the most unexpected time and place. Instead of trying to look for love, give yourself a chance to become well-rounded by learning new things, going on small adventures or taking up new classes. Who knows, you might find the love of your life in these self-developing activities and could bring you closer to each other for having some things in common.

Everybody needs love and though you may feel like you are running out of time for love, you have to remember that love is abundant in this world. Love comes in many different forms and you don’t have to look desperate to find the right love for you.


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