How To Seduce a Man: Be a Sexy Alpha Female

An alpha female is a woman who is secure in her own skin. Men find this very sexy and refreshing. Seducing adds more to the table than a simple play of attraction. Get the man you like or keep your relationship to a whole new level after you have followed these tips.

Here are the tips for seducing a man by being a sexy alpha female.

  • Learn to relax and don’t put much pressure on the relationship.  While other women are hugging their men to a lifetime of commitment, an alpha female is comfortably secure with the relationship. A lifetime of commitment can sometimes be a suffocating topic for men. Be allowing and learn how to meet your man with a reason other than you want him for life. Eventually, a lifetime of commitment scares people away. Avoid pressure in any way.  An alpha female takes or relieves pressure and not cause it.
  • Have your own unique smell. You use an array of products for your body but have a unique combination of your scent composed of your shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion and of course, your perfume. This unique smell can take you a long way. The sense of smell can evoke memories, this will serve as one of the holding power of your man even I you are not at his side. A seductress leaves an impression behind.
  • Have a balance between beauty and brains. Being attractive physically can only take you a short distance. But having an intellectual mind can last you a long time. Men are attracted to women who can carry themselves in a confident and assuring manner. Being a good conversationalist can lead you to your man in no time. It will not only guarantee physical stimulation but intellectual stimulation as well.
  • Love the life you are living. Men are easily drawn to positive vibes. They admire women who can take away the negativities around. Appear happy and satisfied with your job, apartment and all the factors in your life. Before you make a man fall in love with you, love yourself first.
  • Learn to speak up your mind without being overly dramatic. Men are easily irritated with too much whining and any unnecessary show of emotion such as sulking, yelling and pouting. Rather, they earn more respect when you say your piece in a rational, clear and quick manner. If you can’t help but being emotional, distance yourself first and come back to him after calming down.
  • Don’t flirt too much. Just the right amount of showing romantic interest will do. Be careful not to overdo your moves. Simple gestures such as smiling and light touching can send him messages without exaggeration on your part.
  • Be a contradiction of yourself. Men want a woman who is a puzzle to them. For example, be all girly and proper then after a while display a lone masculine trait. Invite your guy to dig deeper into your personality. Allow him to have the excitement of figuring you out.
  • Cook for him. This is the one of the best weapons an Alpha female can have. Cook for him with all the skills you can put into the dish. Of course, don’t forget to include your most important ingredient, which is your love.

Alpha females are tempting seductresses that can make any man swoon for love. Follow the steps above to catch your ideal guy and build lasting relationship with him.


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