How To See a Copy of a Marriage Certificate

A copy of a marriage certificate is very handy and useful, especially for married couples that plan to arrange some documents. For example, they may need a copy while they are in the process of updating their social security cards as well as their driver’s license. Meanwhile, other people have to present marriage certificates for purposes of work or immigration. Even in an event of filing for a divorce, marriage certificates are also required. Sometimes, marriage certificates are used to solve questions regarding one’s ancestry.

Here are some steps that you could follow in seeing a copy of a marriage certificate.

  • Not all people who need a copy of a marriage certificate are married. These people are not seeking to view their own marriage certificate, but would need to view another person’s. Viewing another person’s marriage certificate is possible. You can even see it online. Just find a public record site.
  • Check out websites that release information about marriage certificates. These are easily found online. One fine example would be VitalCheck. For a certain amount, they can find your copy for you. On the other hand there are other sites that can offer it for free. However these are just services to find your marriage certificate copy or details. In order to secure a copy, try going back to the country or city where it was filed. Pay a certain fee required to get it.
  • Here is how you would apply for a copy to be released. Communicate with the country or city where you got married. Know some details such as their address and fee policies for certified copies. Send the needed information coming from you. Include the names of the people involved in that marriage, the date when they got married and the place where the marriage was held. Be clear on them about the arrangements when it comes to giving of payments. Ask them whether sending a check for payment would be fine.
  • Handle transactions online. This is extremely convenient for both parties. This is available for those married within cities that have kept their public records online. If you must search online, enter the name of the person whose marriage certificate you wish to see. The search engine of that country or city will take care of it. Do not worry about certificates that are almost half a decade old. There are databases that can accommodate your search for free. For instance, New York has the same offer for their marriage certificate website.
  • Sometimes, you are required to pay for a premium membership for the site you have chosen. It is a requirement that you first be one of their premium members in order to get a certified copy and or even before a simple view of the said record online.

Marriage certificate is one of the important documents in a person’s life. A copy of it should be readily secured once needed. It is a document that is a prerequisite to a lot of other succeeding documents. Hence, its validity has to be ensured at all times.


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