How To Select a Pool Cue Stick

In the game of billiards and pool, beginners often wonder which cue stick to use. And those who are contemplating on buying one usually ask what kind to purchase. Most of the time, beginners would not be able to know whether a cue stick has a good weight or not. So just in case that you find yourself lost and having the same predicament, read the following tips below in selecting a pool cue stick.

  • Take the price into consideration. It is important that you consider the range of prices of different cues available. If you are a beginner, you need not buy an expensive one but know that a cue that costs twenty (20) bucks would not simply provide you what you need. Decent cue sticks ranges from fifty (50) bucks and above and there are also some which costs more than a thousand dollars. However, the latter are usually bought not for playing but for display purposes only.
  • Choose between simple and ornate. As earlier stated, those cue sticks which cost highly are those with decorations and are for display. Because of such, there is a reasonable increase in the price of the cue but not in its playability. Most often than not, if there are too many modifications or added inlays, the natural feel of the wood of the cue will be lessened. On the other hand, other people feel more excited or psyched to play pool when their cue is attractive looking. So if you can afford it, feel free to buy an ornately decorated one.
  • Choose between hard and soft tip and width. There is an added feel when shooting with a cue stick that has a soft tip. However, the good thing about a cue stick with a hard tip is that it lasts longer and its rounded shape is better retained. Oftentimes, professional players choose the latter one. For American pool, the legal range for the size of cue tips is eleven (11) to fourteen (14) millimeters but beginners usually need a cue stick with thirteen (13) millimeters for the width.
  • Choose among light, medium or heavy weight. For beginners, what is usually recommended is a cue that weighs about twenty (20) to twenty-one (21) ounce because it makes easier for them to get an added spin due to the additional weight. However, if you are already more skilled and has a more or less accurate stroke, you might want to buy a cue which weighs for about nineteen (19) ounce. Many intermediate players use this while most professionals use cue sticks weighing eighteen (18) ounces.
  • Choose wraps. Cues which have nylon wrap or Irish linen provides the user with a more pleasant feel. Others choose to have a more exotic wrap or leather for those who perspire excessively. If you are a beginner, you must first test the feel of the wrap before buying.

Just remember, as long as you have a straight cue stick with a decent tip, you are good to go. One’s shooting ability and talent of does not depend on the cue stick but on one’s drive to play well.


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