How To Select Macramé Curtains

Curtains are one of the most functional décor that you could add in your house. It can give any room an added beauty and style and can give enough shading to the room to minimize the amount of sunlight that comes in.

Many people take curtains for granted but little do they know that curtains can add the perfect finishing touch to any kind of room. It can transform the room from being dull or bland to becoming more classy or trendy.

That is why when it comes to selecting your curtains you have to take a few things into consideration before making a decision. There is a wide variety of curtains that vary from style to color and it is best to choose the right curtain for your home.

One of the types of curtains that are gaining popularity nowadays is the macramé curtain. Macramé is a type of arts and crafts activity where you could make textile by knotting ropes or cords into several patterns. The macramé textile has become quite popular that many home décor stores are selling it as curtains and other kinds.

If you want to use macramé curtains for your home, there are a few things that you should consider before selecting your macramé curtains.

  • Consider the size. Curtain sizes differ, depending on the size of your window. It would be best to measure the size of the window or windows in the room that you want to buy macramé curtains for. Measure the length and the width of the window to make sure that the curtain that you will buy will be able to cover the whole window.
  • Consider your room’s look. Give your room a long look and start planning or visualizing how you want your room to look. Do you want the room to look brighter or bigger? If the room is small and a bit dark, go for bright floor length curtains, as this will make the room appear brighter and bigger.
  • Consider your room color. It is very important to consider the color combination of your room because you wouldn’t want it to look tacky by buying macramé curtains that do not go well with the existing colors in the room. Remember that when it comes to choosing the colors of the curtains, always choose a color that best accentuates the wall colors or the dominant colors in the room.
  • Consider the cord of your macramé curtains. Depending on how you want your room to feel, choose the kind of cord that you want for your macramé curtains. The heavier or the thicker the cord, the darker the room will be as it will block more light. If you still want to have a few rays of light inside the room, go for a lighter or thinner cord.
  • Consider the pattern of the macramé curtain. Whether you are making your own macramé curtains or buying it in the store, it is best to choose the type of pattern that you think will go well with the room.

Macramé curtains are great to have in any room and it will give your room a more laid back and relaxing feel. That is why when you are planning to buy your macramé curtains, remember to consider these things when selecting your macramé curtains.


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