How To Select Sweet Sixteen Songs

Your daughter is turning sweet sixteen soon and you are preparing for a party. If you are planning for a surprise party for your daughter, you may want to enlist the help of your other daughters or her friends in planning. If your daughter is hand on in the preparations for the party, she can share her input and ideas. You can also ask her so what she wants for the party so that you will have a great night of sweet sixteen party for her. Food, beverage, the venue, the decorations, and of course, the music, are the main components that you have to plan for on your daughter’s special day. Selecting the right songs for the party can be a daunting task especially if you are having a surprise party. You cannot ask her without her getting any idea of what is going on. Read this article to give you tips on how to choose sweet sixteen songs for your daughter.

  • Borrow her iPod. Browse through her recently played list and see what kind of music she listens to. List down the most played songs so you can play them at the party. Her guests can dance to the latest songs. If it is a surprise party, sneak in her bedroom and get her music player while she is fast asleep to prevent you from getting caught.
  • Ask her friends. Contact her best friends and ask her for her music preference. If she likes pop music, you can plan for a pop music-themed party where the latest pop songs will play throughout the party. You can plan the party around the type of music that she likes and make it its theme.
  • Do not forget to include father and daughter songs in the party’s playlist. This may be the party’s most memorable moment, when your daughter and your husband take the dance floor and dance to the tune of a sweet father and daughter song. This can be a symbol that her father is letting her become her own person. Search online for the best songs that you can include in the repertoire.
  • Hire a band. If your daughter particularly likes a local band’s music, make arrangements for the band to play at her party. He will be so thrilled to see her favorite local band play in her party. If the sky is the limit on your budget, you may want to hire a famous band or singer that she really idolizes, like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus.
  • Make an AVP. While the father and daughter song plays and they are dancing, amaze the guests with an audio video presentation of your daughter’s growing years. The presentation will play in the background while the two most important people in your life are dancing.

Now that you have learned of the perfect sweet sixteen songs for your daughter’s party, you can get on with the preparations and hopefully the night will be a blat not only for your daughter but for you and her guests as well. Good luck!


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