How To Sell Antique Cups and Saucers

One of the most popular collecting passions is for antique cups and saucers. There are such a wide variety of great makers, both American and English that there is always a market for them. If you are not a lover of old porcelain and chinaware but have inherited some why not make a passionate collector very happy and sell your old cups and saucers? You get some money to spend on your own passion and you help out a collector. Here are some tips on how to sell antique cups and saucers.

  • Blast from the past. You cannot just call or reach out the collector. You have to make sure that you have the right artifact to offer the collector you want to sell to. Before you do that, make sure you have antique cups and saucers. So check your cupboard to make sure that you do have antique cups and saucers.
  • Call the right people. Now that you have ascertained that you have antique cups and antique saucers, it is about time to find a buyer. An auction house will help you a great deal in selling your antique cups and saucers. A good auction group is Sotheby’s or even Christie’s. These groups are found in New York. You can reach them via the Internet.
  • Sell your ancient wares locally. If New York is too far away from you, there is always the option of selling to a dealer near you. Call your town’s local antiques or old wares dealer. Then inquire if you can have your antique cups and saucers consigned at the dealer’s store. In a consignment setup you simply deliver your cups and saucers to the shop and they will be the ones doing the selling. But they take half of the purchase price or at least a portion of the sale for allowing you to display your wares in their shop.
  • Unexpected source of new antiques to sell. The antique items you have at home to sell will eventually run out. If you find selling antiques a lucrative endeavor, you must learn where to find more of these wonderful collectibles. To get more antique items like cups and saucers, you must be yard sale savvy. Yard sales are a great way to find low-priced collectible items to re-sell.
  • Learn to price your wares. Now that you are getting deeper into the antique trade, you should learn how to appraise items. To get a basic idea of this skill, visit local antique shops and talk to the shop keepers. Borrow books from your local library about pricing and value of different antique artifacts.
  • The right investment. It is also a good idea to buy a digital camera. This will help you document the items if you want to sell online.

If you have no sentimental attachment to old items in your home, ask around your extended family before wildly selling your grandma's china.  It is better to earn a few dollars than have cupboards full of wares that you will never use or appreciate, but make sure that no-one else in the family would like to have it first!


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