How To Sell Antique Precious Jewelry

Antique precious jewelry is such a sight to behold and is a blessing to have and own. The design and the look have thrilled many generations and will do the same to the generations for come. Antique jewelry is so acclaimed because of its  timeless beauty. And for that reason, antique jewelry is almost certain to fetch a handsome price when sold.

In a world filled with experts and connoisseurs of jewelry, you need  to learn what your jewelry is worth to sell it smartly and so that people will not take advantage of you. And learning how to sell antique precious jewelry does not happen overnight. You have to prepare, here are some tips on how to sell antique precious jewelry.

  • Learn how to price. The common mistake of new sellers is that they put guess at a selling price. There is a proper way of doing this pricing procedure. The first thing you must do is to contact a jewelry expert or appraiser in your area. There are a few ways to do it. One way is to check your local yellow pages and look up jewelry appraiser. Another way is to take a stroll in your town and talk to local appraisers that you see. Make the right connection so you can find a mentor in pricing your jewels.
  • Know your friends. Now that you have a group of appraisers you regularly talk to it is time to put them through the wringer if they are worth listening to. Find a way to find out and check if they have GIA certification. A GIA certified consultant appraiser is a very credible person to consult when it comes to knowing the price of your jewels. It is also a good idea to ask a non-seller appraiser so they will give you a non-biased price range. The key here is to get as much quotes so you can get a good grasp of how high or how low your jewels can go.
  • Make your jewels known. Jewels by nature are judged by their look and presentation. But you can help push the jewels' value. And you can do this by writing a detailed and creative description of your antique jewels. The jewels can gain more value when you share the metal type, special markings, number of stones, and the age and as well the back story that came with it. Pictures are nice to look at. But if you add a story to the image it becomes a more memorable piece.    
  • Sell it yourself. Just like in any form of selling, when you sell it on your own you get more of the profit. It is all because you will not be sharing the gains with an agent. An agent can make your selling procedure easier but that will cost you. But agents and consignees can cut away some of the stress of selling the jewels. So think thoroughly of what you want. Decide whether it is the ease of selling or the amount of profit that you prefer.


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