How To Sell Baby Clothes for Extra Cash

Babies are such a delight that when you come home and are greeted by them your stress and anxieties fade. You may wish they could stay that small forever. Alas, babies grow up too quickly leaving all their tiny clothes behind them.

Keeping some of the clothing for memories is understandable but how about the rest of the stuff? Here are some tips on how to sell baby clothes for extra cash.

  • Pre-selling activities. Before you start selling your baby’s used clothing, there are some preparations that you must do. First sort out the baby clothes that you are keeping for memory’s sake. Set them aside and keep in a box for safe keeping. Now, sort out the baby clothes you want to sell. The next task is to make a list of people you know. People who have a baby and you think will need the baby clothes that you have. If you have done these two simple activities, you can proceed to sell your baby’s clothes.
  • Sell quick. When you have organized your baby’s clothes you can sort some out for a quick sale. Look for clothing, equipment and toys that are branded. Clean them up a bit and see if they are still in good condition. Then you can take them to Once Upon a Child. They buy this kind of used baby gear. That is quick cash. You do not have to call up people or go online to meet other moms. It is as simple as taking the old baby gear to them and then getting your payment.
  • Online help. In some cases, the Once Upon a Child place may be hard to find. You can always ask other moms about their location and how to get there. You can even call their office to ask for directions. But the sure way of finding a Once Upon a Child store near you is to go to their website. In the Once Upon a Child website you can get details on the location, store info and even phone numbers.
  • Call up first. Here is a tip.  Make a friendly call before heading out the door - ask what they need. And also ask what time you can drop by and exchange the baby gear for money as there can be a long wait in some stores. So remember this, before you scoot over to Once Upon a Child, make a phone call and do not hesitate to ask for information.

Your baby’s clothes are valuable items even if your baby has outgrown them. Keep them in good shape so you can sell them in the future.


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