How To Sell Collectibles on Craigslist

Craigslist is an online network used by people to advertise anything ranging from jobs, sales, services, gigs, and events. It’s also a great place to sell just about anything like collectibles. If you think you have collectibles worth selling, you can try using Craigslist. Unlike in other similar sites, you don’t need an account on Craigslist in order to sell stuff. All you need is an email address and pictures of the items you want to sell. Collectibles are great items to sell on Craigslist, especially when they are limited or rare.

  • Make a list of the collectibles you want to sell. Having a list of the items you want to sell keeps your directory organized. Also, you may find other items in your collection worth keeping so making a list helps. If the collectibles you have are on the same category, you can sell them as a “lot” but this may lower the actual worth of each item. You can gain more profit if you sell the items separately.
  • Post your ads. Once you have your list of collectibles, go to the Craigslist website and localize your listings based on your resident area. Click the “post to classifieds” option on the homepage and choose the proper category for your collectibles. Browse the site for similar items to get ideas on how they advertised their own items and how much they sell.
  • Create interesting ads. Make your ad interesting but simple. Post a clear picture of each item you are selling. Items with pictures tend to sell more than those without. Customers are more likely to be convinced that you’re not a fraud seller if you post pictures. Choose an appropriate title for your collectible that is searchable for potential buyers. Use adjectives that are appealing yet realistic.
  • Price your items properly. Price the collectible accordingly. Browse the Internet for prices of similar collectibles so you’ll have an idea. Limited edition or rare collectibles can be priced a bit higher. You can either ask for offers or list a negotiable or a fixed price. If you price your item a little higher, expect a bit of a longer time to make a sale. Most buyers would still negotiate for a lower price so be prepared. But be firm on the lowest price you can give. Remember that the whole purpose of selling is primarily for profit.

When you want to do meet-ups, be wary of customers who don’t want to meet you. They might turn out to be frauds so be careful. If you do a meet-up, set the place and time where people can see you or ask somebody to go with you to ensure your safety. If you feel that the buyer is untrustworthy, feel free to cancel the transaction. Better be safe than sorry.

If your ad doesn’t get any replies, you can post it again so it’s near the top of the listings. Or make a new ad about the item but this time make it more appealing and detailed. A lot of buyers get attracted with the history of items especially with collectibles. Just be persistent and you’ll sell your collectibles in time.


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