How To Sell Coupons Online

Every time you go to the mall you may find yourself bombarded with a lot of coupons from different people. On the Sunday newspaper, there’s always a free coupon section. And let’s not forget about the coupons you get from the mail. Though most people just throw these coupons away or just give them out to others who might need them, you can choose to sell them to make profit. There are a lot of people out there who make money by selling coupons online because there are also a lot people who buy coupons. If you want to make easy money from your collection of coupons, here’s how.

  • Organize your coupons. There are all sorts of coupon you can get from the mail, newspaper, and in the mall. Decide on how you want to group the coupons you want to sell. It may be logical to group them according to a certain category. You may also want to organize the coupons you have according to groups such as food, discount stubs, and others. Or you can just combine each for a good bargain. Either way, coupons are generally sold in a ‘stash’ to make profit. Also, it’s better to check the expiration dates of your coupons before selling them. You have to allow adequate mailing and shipping time before expiration in order to sell.
  • Save coupons. If you don’t have enough coupons to sell, start collecting now. Coupons are hot items on eBay. This can be a good source of extra income. Coupons provide good income because of quantity so it’s better to stock up before deciding to sell.
  • Post the coupons online. There a number of websites you can choose from to sell your coupons online. Craigslist and eBay are famous sites for selling all sorts of items like coupons. It’s free to register for both sites though eBay is known to be more secure so it may be better to use it over Craigslist. Though, you can always use both sites to increase your chances of selling. Networking sites can also be used to sell items. Try all sorts of websites to make profit at a lesser time.
  • Price your coupons properly. If this is your first time selling coupons online, it’s better to check how other sellers price their coupons. You can do this by browsing sites like eBay or Craigslist. A good starting price for coupons is a 50-70% off the coupon savings. Of course, high value coupons tend to sell higher than lower ones.
  • Ship the coupons on time. Since coupons have expiration dates, make sure to ship them promptly to their respective buyers. Clip the coupons properly to maintain their good condition. Some shops are quite strict on this.

If you’re using eBay, be sure to indicate in each listing that the selling is for your time and effort and not for the actual coupons themselves. It is considered illegal to sell actual coupons on eBay. Also, some coupons can only be used in a certain region so be sure to include this limitation on the coupon description.

Selling coupons online can be easy and can also be a potential source of good income so why not start now.


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