How To Sell Gold Dental Fillings

If you have gold dental fillings, you can consider selling them for some cash. This is especially true if you no longer use the dental fillings for their appropriate purposes. With the value of gold today, it is not at all hard to sell them. Plus, you can be surprised as to how much a little scrap of gold like this can cost you a lot of money. If you are interested about selling your dental gold fillings, check out these following steps:

  • Get the gold dental filling out. There are some dental fillings that just fall out while some need to be removed professionally by a dentist. Consider which option is necessary for you to take out your gold dental filling. Once you have the filling out, examine it carefully. Take note that not all fillings contain gold. Hence, study how much gold content the filling has and also its total weight. This will be your key in determining the value of your gold dental filling to help you in your sales later in the picture.
  • Know the value of the gold dental filling. Now that you know the weight and gold content of the filling, you can already calculate its price. Know the spot price in the market and multiply it by the weight of your gold. You can check out the market price of gold in a lot of sources locally or online.
  • Know the right time to sell the dental gold filling. Take note that the market price of gold easily changes. During the day, its trading price can increase or decrease several times. Therefore, prior to selling your gold, study how the gold price is behaving in the market. Then, sell your gold during the time when the price is at its highest. This way, you can extend the earnings you can get out of selling the filling.
  • Visit local shops or dealers that buy gold. Search for shops through your phone book or the Internet. You can call each of the shop you find to inquire about a quote of the gold dental filling you are trying to sell. Compare the prices and make sure you pick the one that is giving you the best deal.
  • Consider selling your gold online. This is true if you prefer to experience the convenience of transacting online or if you cannot get hold of any local shop. However, make sure that you transact only with a credible and reputable gold dealer to ensure you will not be scammed in the gold selling process. Check out online reviews of different dealers to make sure you get hold of the most trusted dealer. Also, take note that the best online dealers are the ones that will allow you to mail the gold filling to them directly.
  • Send the gold to the dealer of your choice. After shopping around for several shops, you must pick one that offers you a great deal. Bring the gold filling to the shop personally or mail it to the dealer according to shipping instructions.

Your gold dental filling can be worth some money especially if it has a higher content of gold. Hence, if this jewelry serve you no purpose anymore, it is best to sell it to gold dealers. However, always make sure you sell the filling wisely so you can get the most out of the dental gold filling.


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