How To Sell Lingerie from Home

Lingerie can be robes, underclothing, pajamas, and nightgowns. Almost all people want to wear at least comfortable lingerie that helps for a satisfying sleep. Other people, on the other hand, just want to look good in sexy lingerie to add spark on a romantic moment. Whatever their reason is, lingerie can always fill in their needs. So, the need for lingerie is already established. Selling this from home should be easy. But it becomes difficult due to tough competition. Big companies and even small time sellers are already grounded on their market. You can still sell lingerie from home and be successful in it. Follow the steps below:

  • Be unique. People who are interested in lingerie want to see something new and interesting. If they’ve seen the design a hundred times, then it’s already something common for them. The best way to sell unique lingerie is to make your own design. This will take a lot of study, time, and patience, though. Designing a lingerie could be something that you can do right away. For now, hire someone to sew your design while you are still learning. Another way is to resell only unique lingerie.
  • Build your lingerie product line. You must have a collection of products to offer before starting a home-based lingerie business. It doesn’t matter where the collection will come as long as you’ll have an impressive list of products. You can take photos of your own creations or copy pictures from the mother company. A product catalogue is enough to showcase your collection. But it will be better to have samples of the lingerie. Potential buyers of lingerie buy because of quality and design. They can’t check the quality if you don’t have a sample.
  • Study the sizing. Lingerie is sized for various built. You should familiarize the perfect size for a client. Fitting lingerie is not recommended since this is a piece of private wear. Suggest to clients their perfect size and the best design of lingerie for their built.
  • Setup a home office for the lingerie store. Whether it will be an open office or not, it’s always best that you setup the home office first before opening the lingerie store. This small space in your house should be big enough to keep the lingerie products, a computer, telephone, fax machine, printer, table, and other necessary things for the business. Don’t worry if you don’t have many things in the office yet. As you go on with the business, you will realize more things needed for it to be efficient. Maybe you’ll consider having mannequins or a small photo studio there.
  • Spy on your competitor. Check your favorite ads listing websites and you’ll see that there are already a lot of lingerie sellers. You should be outstanding compared to your competitors. You should know what makes you the best lingerie seller compared to them.
  • Sell online. Post your products on popular ads listing websites like eBay and Craigslist. Many people are using these websites to look for lingerie. You may also setup your own online store. But even with your own website, it’s still recommended to post ads on popular sites. This is a good marketing strategy that can widen your network.

Every home-based business experiences difficulty when starting up. Just continue your dedication for the product, think of better marketing strategies, and evaluate your progress. In time, your home-based lingerie business will become a success.


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