How To Sell on eBay UK Site

The number of people engaging themselves in online business is continually increasing. This is because of patronage--busy people can transact online and get their needed products. EBay is one of the most popular auction sites. You can sell auction products on eBay UK even if your account is from eBay USA. Below are guides on how to sell on eBay UK site:

  • Visit eBay at UK. Use your same password and username of your eBay USA account. There’s no need for an extra eBay store or a separate account.
  • Convert the pricing of your products to British Pounds. Every transaction like eBay fees, refunds, and payments must be in UK currency. PayPal account deposits must also be in British Pound. But to do this, you must understand the exchange rate between United States Dollars (USD) and Great Britain Pound (GBP). Note the changes of the exchange rate throughout the day. Visit websites like Oanda, X-Rates, or XE to determine exchange rate changes. You must also understand the conversion between the two currencies.
  • Read eBay’s prohibited section and analyze it. It’s the most vital procedure. There’s a law that governs used clothing, consumer products, and other materials that are not from UK. Verify your products before posting them. For safety, don’t refer to listings of other sellers. Don’t copy the photos, text and listings of other sellers. Offended sellers might report you and make negative comments, which will blemish your status. Repetition of offenses will result in eBay account termination. Remember that your items might be pulled out if you posted prohibited items. Avoid violations or else, eBay UK will close your account.
  • Understand custom and import regulations. Ensure that your products can be transported through international lines so it can enter UK. Many product types need import licenses that buyers can get from British Board of Trade. Also, educate yourself on exempt value from custom charges in any country you’ll ship. There’s a different dollar value for items that you can import without fees or duties.
  • Inform buyers of important information. Product description and shipping fees are among the most important. There are many eBay customers who blame their sellers because they don’t know that there are charges awaiting them. They might give you a negative comment because of dissatisfaction, which will tarnish your reputation as an eBay seller. Describe your items and the negotiation needed especially if you’re doing international shipping. Don’t assume that sellers know what he’s doing.
  • Understand charges on eBay UK site. EBay UK has different charging fees compared to eBay USA. The gallery photo charges, fixed price versus final value charges, and listing charges are different.
  • Fill-up the Sell Your Item Form. It is similar to eBay USA. This is an easy step to accomplish.

Make your eBay UK account succeed. Make profit your goal. Learn how to market your products effectively by making creative yet objective product descriptions. There’s also a need for creative and quality product pictures. Pictures are like product packaging. Make marketing strategies like promos and discounts. Keep in mind that you need to become a power seller so it will be easier for you to sell products locally and internationally.


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