How To Sell One-Liner T-Shirt Ideas

Are you witty and articulate? Then you can make one-liner phrases or jokes that can be printed on T-shirts and earn money by simply using your in-born talent. You can also sell your one-liner ideas to t-shirt companies for a bigger income. Remember that one-liners must be thought-provoking or humorous to catch people’s attention. Below are guides on how to sell one-liner t-shirt ideas.

  • Use creative writing methods to generate effective one-liners. There are many techniques like speedwriting. You can use pen and paper or computer—it depends on your preference. The goal in speedwriting is to write down one-liners as fast as you can without editing them. Don’t analyze the words and thoughts of your one-liners while you’re writing them. Edit them later. You’ll be amazed on how creative your mind is. Remember that first thoughts are the most powerful and they will help you make powerful one-line slogans.
  • Use a recorder to make one-line slogans. The recorder can be your PDA phone, MP3 or MP4 player, tape recorder or any recording device. It doesn’t matter if it has a poor sound quality as long as your voice can be heard clearly. Make a habit of bringing your recorder with you wherever you go because you won’t know when a creative idea will come out.

    Recording audio from direct thoughts is a skill. As you progress, you’ll learn to make concrete or subjective thought processes according to your will. Sometimes, you need to drag your mood if you’re feeling bored. Like, start from a 5-minute one-liner audio generating session until you feel inspired to make interesting liners.

  • Submit the one-liners to T-shirt companies. Search the Internet to find those types of t-shirt companies. Understand the writers’ guidelines because your entries must depend on it. Include greeting card companies in your search. They also buy creative one-liners. Identify the payment information and the communication details of the companies. Note that there are companies who’ll ask you to give 50 one-liners in one submission.
  • Make one-liners while waiting for response. Don’t make yourself idle. Think of other companies where you can submit your ideas. You can start from contacting local companies if you’re a novice. Branch out to international companies if you already can.
  • Practice all the time. Constant writing will make you a better writer. Remember that you’re only as good as your last piece. So schedule yourself to write regularly. It’s also a way of disciplining yourself.

Focus on word selection and combinations. They are vital in making one-liners. Effective word usage and arrangements can catch the attention of readers. Be concise as possible and always consider shorter words, which are better. Put the emphatic word at the end of a sentence—that’s the word that will retain.

Practice in front of a mirror, a spouse or your best friend. Better words will pop out each time you’ll utter your one-liners, thus you’ll see a different emphasis. What’s more important is you’ll see the storyline better. Learn more techniques, too. The longer you are in this business, the more you become witty and creative. The more creative your one-liners are, the more valuable they can become.


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