How To Sell Sperm

There are many ways to sell the body for a profit: through prostitution (which is not, in any way, promoted here), by selling hair, blood, and would you believe, even sperm! Yes, you read it right. Many men around the world donate their sperm for a fee. The most numbers of sperm donors are from the European countries, such as Sweden and Denmark. College men in these countries are the most common donors. They sell their sperm to earn extra money for their everyday school expenses. It may sound like an unconventional way to make money, but in these places, selling sperm is a common thing. If you are a healthy man in your prime, you can sell your sperm to be shipped to other places. This article will give you tips on how to sell them. Read on.

  • Have yourself checked. If you are planning to donate your sperm, go to a clinic and have yourself checked. You should be at least 18 years old to 40 years old. You should be physically healthy with no history of infectious illness, like an STD. There should be no history of family illnesses like cancer, mental disorder and genetic diseases. All these factors will be checked. It is difficult to rely just on the information given by the donor.
  • Go to a sperm bank or fertility clinic. Show them your test results. Sometimes these institutions conduct separate tests even if you have already been tested prior. You will not only be tested, but interviewed as well, to see if you are really committed to donating your sperm. Once you have been approved as a donor, you can start donating them. If you like, you can go to different clinics and donate to each and every one of them. A single sperm donation can fetch as much as $1,200 every month. The price is high because of the high demand for donor sperm. If you become a regular donor to more than one clinic, the money will be lucrative.
  • Stay in tip top shape. If you are a regular donor, it is very important to stay healthy. Avoid having unprotected sex with random women to prevent having sexually transmitted diseases. Also, do not indulge yourself in vices because excessive consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and prohibited drugs lowers your immune system, making your prone to illnesses. This may prevent you from donating your sperm. You will be required by the clinic or clinics where you donate your sperm to conduct a series of checkups every few months to ensure that you remain healthy and disease-free. These successive checkups are usually shouldered by the clinics.

Selling sperm will enable couples and families to choose the genetics of their child. If they want their child to be blonde, red haired or brunette, they can definitely take their pick. This topic may still seem a bit awkward to some, but this happens in reality. People get into ventures often unheard of, and this is one of them. This is not an illegal thing. It is actually supported by the government to gain more revenues.


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