How To Sell Star Wars Action Figures

When Star Wars became a movie phenomenon, the company also released actions figures of the characters and it became a huge hit for toy collectors and movie fans alike. Now that the movie series is finished, its action figures are still being sought by fans as collectibles with some being marked as ‘limited edition’ or ‘rare’ items. Nevertheless, star wars action figures tend to be a hot item for sale due to the movie’s massive fan base. If you have a collection of Star Wars action figures that you don’t want anymore, you can always try selling them for some profit. Here’s how.

  • Determine the edition of your action figures. Before you can start selling your Star Wars action figures, you need to determine what year and series they were manufactured and released. Old versions typically sell higher than new ones though you need to have them in good condition. Edition information can be seen on the box or on the figure itself. Search the Internet if you don’t find anything or ask a toy shop.
  • Price the action figures. Inspect the figures for any imperfections like fading, tears, or broken and missing parts. You need to properly grade the action figure before you can assign the proper price for it. You can browse the Internet on how to properly grade action figures or you can send them to the Action Figure Association where they will grade, assign a number, and seal the figures. Just make sure to properly ship the figures covered in bubble wrap in a box filled with packing peanuts to prevent further damage. Toy trade shows are also nice places to get an idea on how much you can price your figures.
  • Find potential buyers. Once you’ve decided on the appropriate price of your action figures, it’s time to find buyers. Toy conventions and toy trade shows are excellent places to find potential buyers for your action figures. Or you can try selling the action figures online. Star Wars fans and toy collectors scout the Internet to complete their collection so it’s a good choice to use the Internet. You can use eBay, Craigslist, networking sites, and forums that cater to toy collecting, hobbies, and Star Wars. If you have a limited edition Star Wars action figure, it’s best to have an online auction on it and expect to fetch a high price. Just be sure to have clear and crisp pictures of the action figures you’re going to sell. Most toy collectors are meticulous about their toys so it’s good to provide a detailed picture. You can also sell the figures on an online store that caters to buying and selling action figures. You can a get a neat profit from it.
  • Ship the figures properly. Once you’ve made a sale, you need to ship the figures properly to maintain their condition. Star Wars action figures are considered collectibles so they must be maintained in good condition.

Be patient if the action figure doesn’t sell. Post as many ads on different websites as possible to increase the chances of selling.


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