How To Sell Stock Photos Online

Photography has been a favorite art of most people. Anyone with a camera can do it and with the technology nowadays, even a non-professional photographer can make decent photos. If you’re into photography either by profession or hobby, you can make good use of your stock photos and sell them online. There are a lot of sites out there that can host your photos and make you earn extra money depending on the number of downloads. Making profit from stock photos is easy and can be a source of extra income. It’s easy and fun.

  • Take photos that can sell. In order to sell your stock photos, you need to know what most people are looking for. You can do this by browsing sites that cater to selling photos online. Commercial photos, which are high resolution, are the ones that usually sell best. Take note of the most viewed and most downloaded photos to have an idea of the photo you have to take. Remember that you’re selling the right to use the photos publicly and not the actual photo itself. Though, you still retain the copyright and exclusive rights of the photo. Once you get enough ideas, start taking pictures and edit them using photo editors. Most people look for clear images so an edited version can be better than its raw version.
  • Organize your photos. Group your photos according to different categories to keep your collection organized. Most stock photography websites file their pictures according to certain categories. This can also help you know on which group of photos are mostly in demand.
  • Find a site that will host your stock photos. Now that you have everything organized, start scouting for websites that can host your photos. There are a number of stock photography sites you can choose from. Some of the bigger ones include Shutterpoint, istockphoto, Shutterstock, and Photostuckplus. Different sites have different procedures before you can sell photos on their site. Most sites require you to submit sample images before you can be admitted as a photo contributor. Follow the instructions and register.
  • Keep the rules and agreement in mind. Since you’re signing up as a photo contributor on a company, you have to remember the whole gist of the contract. Take note of the limitations of your photos, the rights you have on it, payment procedures, and the like to know if they’re holding their end of the bargain. It’s best to be sure about your business. Most stock photos sell for less than a dollar, so try to sign up on other sites. Remember that a photo can be sold multiple times so be patient and you’ll get a nice amount of money in time.

If you’re photos get rejected, just try other sites that will accept your photos. Keep improving your photography skills and use a high-end camera to improve your photos. Use photo editors like Photoshop and Corel to enhance your pictures.

Selling photos online may not give a large amount of income but it can provide satisfaction that you can share your hobby and make profit at the same time.


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