How To Send a Text Message Without a Cell Phone

Text messaging using a cell phone has become one of the most used features of a cell phone. Even young children know how to send text messages. Although this service is a regular feature of any cell phone plan, if you are a habitual text message sender and used to sending several text messages a day, it can result in higher mobile phone bills. However, you can save from paying for text messages when you use other services that will allow you to message someone even without using your cell phone. It is a good to know this option since the message can be received instantaneously, as compared to email.  Here are some things you can do to send a text message without a cell phone.

  • You should have a list of important cell phone numbers written down and stored somewhere. First, you can access this in an emergency should your phone goes out of commission or is stolen. Do not be complacent that your phone will always be in good condition and can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Make sure that you know the mobile service provider of the contacts that you have so that you will be able to send text messages to them even without your cell phone. Search online for the text and email addresses of the different service providers and copy or list them down together with your written list of important cell phone numbers.
  • Log in to your email account and type the recipient’s cell phone number before you append the “”. A mobile phone service provider usually has a dedicated email address they allow their customers to use for sending email/text messages.
  • Type a very short message as well as your name. Create a message that is within the allowable number of characters. Each service provider has a preset number of characters that can be used to send a text message. The number of characters can be as short as fifty characters or as long as one hundred and eighty five characters. Click the send button once you are done creating the message.
  • Another way to send free text messages without a cell phone is to look for websites that offer this type of service. SendSMSNow is one site that offers this kind of service for free. Create an account at the website so you can avail of their service.  The service is extended to several countries across the globe. You can send a text message that is one hundred thirty characters long.
  • SMS Everywhere is another website where you will be able to send a free text message to a mobile phone registered anywhere in the United States. You only need to provide the ten-digit number of mobile phone, type a message that is less or up to one hundred and fifty characters long and click the send button. The service is recognized by Nextel, Sprint and T-Mobile. Create an account so you can avail of the service.

So you see, even if you do not have a cell phone, as long as you have internet connection, an email address or an account with a free online text messaging service, you will be able to send short text messages, either to mobile phones within the United States and Canada or in some cases to different parts of the world.


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