How To Send Out Evite Wedding Invitations

Planning for a wedding can be very challenging, even for the best of us. If you are looking for a quick but still very effective way of getting your guests informed and invited about the wedding, consider sending out evite wedding invitations. These electronic invitations will not cost you a dollar, and you can get the invitation delivered in a matter of seconds. Here’s how.

  • Guest list. First of all, you will need to make sure that you create the guest list for your wedding day. Remember, the guest list is very important because it will determine the food that needs to be prepared for the wedding day, the number of seating needed for the reception hall, et cetera. Make sure that your guest list is already finalized, before you begin to worry about the wedding invitations. Also make sure that you have finalized the guest list at least three weeks before the actual wedding day, so that people will have the chance to fit your wedding day into their schedules.
  • Email address. Once you have the guest list, the next step is for you to create the mailing address book for the evites. The mailing address book should have an updated and accurate list of the email addresses of all the people that you plan on inviting to the wedding. Keep in mind that most people today have multiple email accounts, some of which are for personal use and some of which are for business use. Make sure that you get some help from your brides maids if you don’t have a complete and updated mailing list.
  • Templates. Now, you will need to choose the template for the evite wedding invitations. There are a number of websites that will give you great ideas for evites for any occasion, including weddings. Some of the top sites that you should visit is Evite and Sendomatic. These websites have a wide variety of templates to choose from. Whether you want a simple black and white invitation, or a colorful invitation, there are many evites to choose from. Make sure that you choose an evite that goes with the theme for your own wedding day. If the theme is a garden wedding, you should choose a nice, green wedding invitation with plenty of flowers.
  • Personalizing the evite. Now that you have chosen the template, it is time for you to customize it to fit your own needs. You can usually modify the color scheme, and then you can add a note to the invitation, as well as the details of the actual wedding day.
  • Send. Now that you have finished choosing and customizing your wedding invitation evite, the final step is to send it using the list of email addresses for your guests. In just a couple of seconds, all of the invites will have been sent out to everyone, and will be waiting in your friend and family members’ inboxes.

With these easy steps, you should be able to send wedding invitation evites easily and inexpensively. If there are some glitches, make sure that you check the email addresses that you have.


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