How To Set Up a Bazaar Booth

Bazaars are ubiquitous, and a bazaar’s appeal is diverse. These merchandising areas resemble a marketplace, and goods are either sold or exchanged. Recently, rummage sales organized by certain church groups or non-for-profit organizations are also considered bazaars, as in Christmas and Summer Bazaars.

Usually a street area lined by shops or booths, bazaars are always enjoyable to rummage through because of the variety it offers and the reasonable prices. There are commercial bazaars, and those that were set up for a cause. Either way, there’s always something to ferret out from the assortment of goods. From the consumer side, it’s all fun and excitement but if you plan on setting up a booth, you have to work on your set-up to ensure a decent profit.

Keep in mind a few simple tips on how you can organize an interesting and attractive bazaar booth:

  • Determine the available space. Keep in mind that you need to maintain a makeshift cashier, and pretty much all the walls should be utilized as a display area. Create a floor plan detailing where you want to set-up the shelves, tables and plot where your merchandise will be hung or laid down. For instance, if you’re selling vintage clothes, they can be hung high up on the walls, that way you can utilize the shelves and the lower areas of the booth for other goods on sale.
  • Use light but sturdy portable folding tables. Sometimes, bazaar organizers do not provide tables so you may need to bring some folding tables. Choose tables which are light as you are to move them around a lot and they are easy to store by the time you close shop, and easy to pull out the next bazaar day.
  • Use varied display cases, shelves and racks. Depending on the goods you’re selling, choose shelves and display cases which bring them to view. For example, if you’re selling handcrafted jewelry, don’t strew them across a black velvet box and have shoppers rummage through the clutter. Find display cases specially made for them.
  • Arrange the merchandise neatly. Decide on where to put each type of goodies. If you carry items ranging from small to large sizes, it’s best to keep the large ones in the back, but still in full view. The small items can be put on the tables in plain sight. Make sure that you can still observe other parts of the booth while you’re attending to customers.
  • Add some decorations. To stand out from the other booths, try and cover the tables and shelves with a uniform tablecloth. Colored paper, or gift wrapping paper with fun prints is also an option. You can also add theme-related decors.
  • Clearly mark the merchandise with prices. Consumers will appreciate this. Keep them from stepping out of your booth just because they were a little embarrassed and uninterested to ask for the price.
  • Set up your cashier in central location. Don’t forget to pack your cash box and calculator when you set-up your booth. Prepare plenty of paper and plastic bags, as well as plenty of change.

Successful bazaar booths do not rely on the good quality and assortment of its products alone. Browsers are also enticed by tidy, intriguing and attractive booths. Take on the above tips and make it fun for both you the concessionaire and your consumers.


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