How To Set Up a Non-Profit

Non-profit groups are those that use their profits to further a particular cause. They are usually charitable, educational and social organizations that advance their cause through the profits acquired, in order to help the members of the non-profit group. If you plan to set up a non-profit group, the steps and tips mentioned below will help you get this project started.

  • Find a purpose. What do you want to set up? What will it benefit? Why does the organization need to exist? Answer these questions and you will begin to formulate the purpose and objectives of your non-profit group. As soon as you have concrete and fleshed out ideas on these concepts, you may then craft them into a mission statement. The mission statement describes the overall purpose of the group. You should be able to state the different services the non-profit group will render, as well as the different measures you will take to be able to make a profit for the group's benefit.
  • Name your group. Before you can begin to register your group for anything, you should first be able to identify your group. Come up with a unique name for the non-profit group. If you already have several members of the group, you may consult with them and ask them to come up with their own ideas. Schedule a meeting and brainstorm on the perfect name for your group. Make sure that the name will suit your organization's mission. Check with your state if such name already exists so you won't have to deal with mistaken identities.
  • Check with a lawyer. Find an attorney who can help you with setting up the non-profit group. He will be able help you incorporate the name of the organization, and register it. Your lawyer will also help you file the different documents needed to incorporate your group legally. You can also consult your lawyer for the different policies you have set up for the non-profit group.
  • Organize your board members. You will need board members to become an official organization, so make sure that you pick your board members as soon as you prepare the paperwork. The board usually includes a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. You should be able to describe their key roles and responsibilities so no confusion will arise. You should also schedule regular meetings, as well as plan on how long each meeting will be.
  • Get identified. Go to the IRS and acquire an employer identification number. Visit the IRS website for ways on how to get this particular number.
  • Open an account. Using your group name, open a bank account under this. Set up check signing protocols and other financial tasks, with your treasurer or another member of the board. You should be able to install accounting procedures within the group so you can be able to keep track of the group's funds.
  • Get started. Now that you have set up your non-profit group, you may now begin applying for grants from different individuals and corporations. Think of holding fundraising events, and start getting the word out on the purpose of your organization.

Always do your work honestly, and stay committed to your organization's objectives. It is also advisable to be transparent to the public about your finances so they will be more open in supporting your cause.


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