How To Set Up Categories for Employee Awards

It is important to keep employees constantly motivated and happy in their respective positions to get positive work output and reduce resignation rate.

Most companies encourage their employees by awarding exemplary workers.  This will make others strive harder and will let the top performing employees know that their work are recognized and appreciated by management.

There are several category options for the awards.  Below are some tips on how you can set up employee awards.

  • The Loyalty Award. Award a person’s dedication to the company with a loyalty award.  This can be the person who has been with the company for the longest time.  There is no need to filter the candidates for this award in terms of position and rank.  Anyone who has served the company the longest will win the award – be it the office janitor or the executive manager.
  • The Attendance Award.  Okay. Maybe this is a hard category considering that employees are entitled to have vacation leaves. But you can give this out to the person that has the least number of absences and late in a year.
  • The Top Seller Award.  For sales-based companies, you can award the person with the most number of closed deals or the highest sales.
  • Team award. Aside from individual awards, have a reward for teams as well.  Employees need to know how to work with others in achieving a goal. And the team that can work together best should be recognized.
  • Other awards. Feel free to come up with other categories that are especially relevant to your company and the service or product it provides. An important thing to keep in mind is that the awards should be given for something that is done beyond what is expected from the employees. Do not give out an award to an employee for doing something that is a part of his job description anyway. Like a janitor for always cleaning after the pantry. This just defeats the purpose of an award. The category should also have quantifiable criteria that you can prove and compute. If it is purely gut feel and assumption, you may not be awarding the correct employee, or employees will have a reason to question your judgment.

The awards need not be monetary, though a bonus would be a lot better. It can be small tokens like a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.  The important thing is to let the employees feel recognized and appreciated. You can get them involved by having categories that require their nominations and votes, too. As example is the Innovator Award.  Encourage your employees to share ideas by awarding the person with the best suggestion for the improvement of the company.  Have employees nominate, site a reason for the nomination, and cast votes. Keep the results of the voting a secret until the awards ceremony.

Have these awards given out annually. This will give people something to look forward to. Do not do this too often than that though as it will lose its value and people will have less anticipation and interest.


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