How To Set Up Living Room Furniture with Little Space

These days, condo living is the in-thing. Especially if you are a young professional, living in an apartment or condo unit is the most practical way, since land and property can be pretty expensive. Since location can be expensive, you cannot help but live in a unit or apartment that isn't exactly wide and expansive. You will most probably be living in a place where space is minimal. If this is the case, then setting up your living room can be a little challenging. It can't be too difficult if you know how to maximize space, and if you buy furniture that won't cramp the already small space you have. Don't worry, you don't have to sacrifice ambience for living under less costs. All you need to do is set-up your living room in the best way that you can. Below are several tips on how to set up your living room in a cramped space.

  • Determine the focal point of the living room. The focal point in a living room, is usually the television set. This is the entertainment hub of the living room. Your goal is to arrange the furniture around this focal point, so everyone can have access to it. Place the focal point first in the living room and work your way around it.
  • Choose the next largest furniture. This would usually be the couch or sofa. Maneuver this around your living room, and place it in front of the television set. If you don't have an existing couch yet, make sure that you purchase one that isn't too bulky, but is comfortable. Don't purchase couches or loveseats in print, as these will make the room appear more cramped and cluttered. Choose plain-colored seats in dark colors so it won't seem to fill up the entire living room.
  • Add some smaller chairs and a table. To complete the look of your living room, you can purchase smaller seats to complement the couch. Angle the chairs so they can be positioned facing towards the TV, or towards the couch if you wish to converse in your living room. Choose a small coffee table and place it in the middle, or in one of the corners beside the couch. Don't add too many chairs and tables, as these could cramp the space even more. Make sure that there is enough space to walk around.
  • Use furniture that doubles as other things. If you are pressed for space, it is important that you choose smart and minimalist furniture that can function as two things. For example, you can find stools or chairs that can double as storage areas underneath. Your table may have a magazine rack attached to it below or in the sides.
  • Decorate with wall decors. Try to be creative and avoid using heavy curtains in your living room. To add a touch of flair to your living room, you can decorate with wall stickers or decals that match the furniture in your living room. Avoid big noisy prints and choose streamlined designs to create the illusion of space. Resist the urge to add too many items on the table, and instead place a simple vase of flowers to brighten up the room.

Check home living magazines for inspiration and visit showrooms so you will get an idea on how to create your living area, without sacrificing style for space. Have tons of fun decorating your living room so you can enjoy your space.


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