How To Set Up Wi-Fi for a Hand-held PDA

Whether you need to check your business mail while you are walking towards a board meeting, or just want to upload a picture of the dress that you want to buy from the fitting room of a department store, being able to access the Internet from your hand-held PDA or Personal Digital Assistant has truly become a necessity in one’s very busy lifestyle. This is exactly why more and more public areas like the malls, coffee shops, and even fast food joints are providing web access for their patrons. If your hand-held device is Wi-Fi ready, all you need to do is head on to a known hotspot and simply connect to their Wireless local area network. This article will guide you in hooking up the Wi-Fi in your hand-held PDA.

  • Create a new Internet connection for your PDA. If you need to create a new connection, just press on the “Start” icon on the main screen or click on the “Start” button if your device has one. A list of programs and applications will appear. Choose the folder for Network settings and click on the “Connections” icon. This is sometimes marked as “Wi-Fi” on some PDA models. You will now be able to configure the settings for the new Internet connection. Press on the “Add New Connection” icon and create a name for the new connection host. Key-in the IP address of the link. A part of the display screen will show options for the VPN type. Set this to “PPTP”. Press on the tab indicating “Next.” This can be found at the bottom of the device’s display screen. You will then be prompted to authenticate the connection. Do not make any changes on the settings. Select “Next” again. You will now be prompted to key in your username and password as well as the domain. If you don’t know any of the information asked from you, just inquire from your network administrator. Once you have entered the information, click on the “Finish” icon found at the bottom of your display screen. Restart your hand-held PDA when the final screen has been closed.
  • Activate the network connection. From the main screen of your hand-held PDA, click on the antenna icon. You can find this either at the lower or upper right corner of the display screen. At this time, the icon will be colored gray and would have a red X mark over it. This means that the hand-held device is not connected to any network. Access the Network Settings menu by selecting the “Settings” image. The screen will show you all the networks that are available for your PDA to hook up to wirelessly. Choose the network that you want to utilize for your device by pressing on the screen over the name and icon of that network. A pop-up menu will appear. Press on “Connect” and your PDA will begin to connect to that network. If the connection set up is successful, the antenna icon will become green. You will now be able to log on to any Wi-Fi connected features of the hand-held PDA.

Using a public hotspot is convenient but potentially dangerous because it renders your hand-held device very vulnerable from “phishers” – entities that fool people into giving up important information like passwords and credit card details. To avoid giving up pertinent data while you access the Internet, it is advisable that you protect your device with security software. If you will be viewing highly sensitive information from your email, make sure that you connect only to a secure wireless connection.


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