How To Sharpen an Electric Knife

Electric knives are great kitchen inventions. They lessen the time that you have to cut and slice food, as you just have to glide the knife through the food, without exerting too much effort and pressure. You only have to guide the knife where you want it to slice, and there you go! Food that is sliced and cut in no time. But when it is used frequently, it has a tendency to become dull and not cut properly and evenly. All you need to do to get it back to its old glory is to sharpen it. It’s really not so hard to sharpen an electric knife. You do it like you would on an ordinary knife. If you have an electric knife that does not give you its optimum performance, this article will show you how to sharpen it. Read on.

  • All you need to use for this job is a hone. A hone is a sharpening tool that is usually made from stone, like marble. You can buy one from home improvement stores.
  • Make sure that the electric knife is unplugged. Make sure that it is not connected to electricity, or you risk getting cut if it accidentally turns on while you are working on it. If the knife is battery-operated, remove the batteries from their slot.
  • Remove the blade from the mechanism. This is an option that you can either do or skip. If you still have the knife’s owner’s manual, consult it on how to remove the blade from the whole mechanism. But you can also work on it without removing the blade.
  • Start sharpening. Place the hone on a flat surface and position the knife’s blade on the edge of the hone. Hold the handle of the knife with your dominant hand. Place the other hand on the knife’s flat surface, away from the sharp edge. Guide the knife with your other hand and make long and soft strokes on the hone. Do this a few times until the blade is sharp enough. Test the knife on a piece of bread and see if you cut it easily and evenly.
  • Wash the knife. Doing this will remove any metal shavings left on the knife. Wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

To make your electric knife last longer, you have to take proper care of it. Never store it when it is still wet. Even if it is stainless, it can still get rust and stains when not dried prior to storage. Also do not use it on hard objects, just to see if it works on everything, not only on food. One more thing, do not store it loosely inside the cabinet. You have to put it in its box all the time. You may get cut if you accidentally touch the blade while getting something else from the cupboard. If you do not have the box anymore, wrap the blade with a paper towel, twisting it so that it does not come off. Keep all sharp objects away from children’s reach.


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