How To Show Your Appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week, which happens on the first week of May, is an opportunity you cannot allow to pass especially when you’re a parent. Your child’s teacher spends so much time educating your child and sometimes even stands as a second parent while your child is in school. Showing your appreciation during this special occasion is the least that you can do for your child’s teacher. While you can rely on the PTA to bounce some ideas that show appreciation for the general population of teachers in your child’s school, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from personalizing your appreciation in another way.

The suggestions below are some ideas that will bring a smile and hopefully tears of joy from your child’s teacher.

  • Make a class album. During the full week that the occasion is taking place, shadow your child’s teacher and take photos of her while she’s conducting a class, talking to a student, chatting with co-teachers or parents, and taking part in school activities during the week. Since you want this photo album to be a surprise, you have to kind of become a super sleuth to pull this off. You also need to get the permission of the school principal to take photos. However, if you’re particularly known to be a shutterbug at your child’s school, getting permission won’t be an issue. What you want to avoid is raising suspicion that you’re some kind of stalker or private investigator taking photos without permission. Anyway, from your stock of photos, pick out the really beautiful and candid ones for the album. On the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, present the album as a gift for your child’s teacher. By the way, there are digital albums available for this purpose. The album itself is like a power point slide presentation with special effects and everything. You might want to use this instead of a traditional album.
  • Add some chocolates. While the album is the centerpiece of your gift, there’s still room to sweeten it up! Prepare a basket of classic and “all-time favorite” chocolates like Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Snickers, Milk Way, and Baby Ruth. You can never go wrong with chocolates!
  • Make a video of your child making a card for her teacher.  Insert the CD of this moment in your child’s homemade card. Don’t forget to engage your child in conversation while filming her card-making moment. Ask your child questions about why she loves her teacher and why she loves going to class when her teacher is around.
  • Prepare five different kinds of cards. Choose one theme for each card: happiness, love, care, thoughtfulness, commitment, etc. that will best represent the teacher’s role in your child’s life. Aside from the homemade card in the previous step, these cards are great as a daily and well-thought of gift to present to the teacher all the five days covering Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Take her out or invite her to dinner. Reserve dinner at a trendy resto or prepare a fabulous gourmet-style home-cooked dinner for her as your family’s special guest. Make it a really special evening by hosting the dinner in her honor and inviting some of her co-teachers to join the fete for her!

From the simple to fabulous, it’s almost impossible to miss the mark when it comes to showing appreciation during Teacher’s Appreciation Week. It really takes very little to appreciate a teacher as long as your heart is as big as your child’s.


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